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Boost Your Sexual Satisfaction With The Best Partner Intimacy Aids

Having difficulty with sex is often a scary and frustrating experience. Many people feel alone in their experience, or that they are the only person or couple who can’t work it out. You absolutely are NOT alone! I see this daily, in my practice and with my own friends, and difficulty with sex happens for a variety of reasons.

You may struggle with sexual pleasure after pregnancy or after menopause, or even surgical menopause can cause some of the same issues. Hysterectomy recovery and genital reconstruction surgery can cause pelvic pain during sex. Intimacy issues can happen in a relationship when one partner develops a fear of intimacy, stemming from any of these things: surgery recovery or body changes, sometimes intimacy issues occur after trauma, or other causes.
No matter your age, you can have sexual appreciation struggles. Despite what I refer to as the blasted “puzzle piece” idea, not all of our bodies magically fit together like that! Our sexual organs come in varying widths and lengths, some curve, each one is a unicorn! Body changes over time also make way for us to rediscover our own bodies all over again, which is exciting yet overwhelming. Remember to be kind to yourself.

Let me lovingly remind you that sex is an exploration of the body, and not all about penetration or achieving orgasm. There is no finish line here or goal posture, just increased sexual pleasure and confidence! There are many reasons you might be seeking intimacy aids, or having intimacy concerns, what matters is that there are several options out there to suit you. Many times we don’t fit together like “two perfect puzzle pieces”, but that’s a myth anyway!!
Give yourself permission to explore what feels good to YOU and enjoy the ride. These are a collection of sexual aid products that I have tried and my patients love, and I have listed the best recommendations below. I hope that something FITS your needs!


1) Pillo by Dame Products
The Pillo from Dame Products might be my one true love. Many individuals and their partners find that certain sexual positions cause discomfort in their back, hips, knees, or other areas. This can make it challenging to relax in those positions and enjoy the moment, or you might just avoid them entirely. How disappointing! Bottom Line: the pillows you use for sleeping just don’t cut it when it comes to extracurricular bedroom activities. This is the perfect reason to have a Pillo! Developed by Dame Products, this is a soft, yet firm body wedge that can help support you in a variety of positions. It has a removable cover that is machine washable, and impressively it’s even discreet enough to stay out on your bed all the time. Use it as a prop to read your book at night, a tool in your pelvic floor yoga therapy toolbox, or simply take a cat nap on this compact, comfy beauty. Take the risk, explore what new angles you can reach, and stop avoiding those fantasy positions! Lather, rinse, and repeat as many, many, MANY times as needed!
$95.00 (use code “ LAURA5 ” for 5% off) + shipping and handling
2) Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo from Liberator
The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is a position aid to help with improved body positioning and increased support during sexual play, similar to the Pillo. However, the Liberator Combo differs in that it is two products in one, each piece can be used individually or together to help you and your partner find that ah spot! There is a larger “Ramp” and a smaller “Wedge” and the wedge can be slid along the ramp to find the best support for each body. This means you don’t have to worry about putting pressure on your back, knees, or wrists. The Liberator is made of memory foam to prevent you from sinking into the support, and has a machine-washable removable cover and moisture resistant liner. It is fantastic for those yoga modifications for your pelvic floor tightness, and I also highly recommend this as a transgender intimacy aid to help throughout all stages of transition. The microfiber cover is designed to cling firmly and keep the two pieces from slipping during mindful exercise or playtime! To top it off, this combo comes in three different sizes so that you can find the exact fit for you and your partner. Two perfect puzzle pieces after all!
$240.00-$260.00 + shipping and handling (tall, regular, and short sizes available)
1) Satin by Sliquid Naturals


Sliquid Satin is a natural moisture and aloe based lubricant and daily moisturizer. This is a water-based lubricant so it is safe for use with most toys, and is easy-peasy clean up. No sticky residue or stains on the sheets! This is my favorite lubricant for two reasons. It has a dreamy liquid-like texture that feels so natural. Sliquid Satin is also dual purpose, serving as a lubricant and moisturizer as well. This is a perfect sexual aid for those with menopause or an intimacy aid for those who have undergone genital reconstruction surgery. The bottle even says moisturizer on it, so it’s a wonderful product for those who prefer to keep it private. You can even apply it ahead of time if you aren’t comfortable bringing it into your sexual play. Satin is a vegan dream and can help with chronic dryness or even just increased sexual appreciation. This is my favorite cost effective option, the price isn’t any more than a normal bottle of moisturizer. Slide that into your cart right this instant!
$9.00 for 2oz (use code “ LAURA10 ” for 10% off) + shipping and handling
1) Ohnut by Ohnut
The Ohnut was developed with intimacy issues in mind! Why is that exciting? Well try one of these babies out, and you’ll see why! Ohnut is so soft. It’s made of a specially designed, FDA-approved material that feels like skin! This skin-like feel allows you to shift your focus from pain to enjoyment. This product comes with 4 rings that are flexible and able to interlock, which allows you to choose your own depth of comfort. Only use 1, or go crazy and use all 4! The rings gently compress against the base, and act as a soft bumper on both ends of the ring stack. This makes it a perfect product for those who experience pain or discomfort during penetration and are working to gradually increase their depth of penetration. It doesn’t matter whether you place them on your shaft, your partner’s shaft, your favorite toy, or your dilator, you donut know how much you’ll love this Ohnut!
$65.00 (use code “ LAURA15 ” for $9.75 off + 1 extra ring) + shipping and handling
2) Blowhole by PicoBong
The Blowhole from Lelo’s PicoBong is a masturbation cup made of smooth, body safe silicone. At this point you might be thinking, how in the world is a masturbation cup an intimacy aid that I can share with my partner? I LOVE this product for transition, working up to feeling comfortable with physical intimacy is an important part of many relationships, as well as recovery in general! Whether you are going through genital reconstruction surgery recovery, treating your pelvic floor dysfunction, or even working through sensitivity and depth therapy, the PicoBong Blowhole is a great little toy to have in your repertoire. Some couples even find that they enjoy coupled masturbation during foreplay. The Blowhole comes with 6 vibration settings, it’s rechargeable and waterproof so you can bring it anywhere for your play, and clean it easily afterwards as well! Much like PicoBong’s other products, it is remote controllable with the Remoji App through your Android or iPhone device and comes with a lengthy 1 year warranty! Begin your sexual journey again, test your limits, sense where you’re comfortable at sexually, and work towards expanding your orgasmic capacity with this sexy little gadget!
$83.97 (use code LAURA15 for 15% off )
1) TIANI 3 by Lelo
The Tiani 3 from Lelo is a partner intimacy aid dream, a dual vibrator which provides both internal and external stimulation. Tiani 3 can we worn during internal vaginal sex, as well as for dual external stimulation. I would not recommend this for internal anal applications however. The curved, flexible shape is designed to reach the g-spot and comes with a remote for hands free stimulation (up to 38 ft range!). Get ready to make that “Oh!” because the Tiani 3 can last for a whopping 2 hours of play! It is made from body safe silicone and whisper quiet, with 8 vibration settings you’ll definitely be able to find a setting for both partners to experience the vibrations. This is great for promoting a seamless connection. This little baby is also waterproof so you can take it into the shower for a more adventurous experience. I recommend this in conjunction with lubricant for those undergoing the dilation process or other treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction, and as part of any treatment plan working towards increased sexual appreciation with your partner.
$118.30 (use code LAURA15 for 15% off)
2) TOR 2 by Lelo
The Tor 2 from Lelo is a multi-positional pleasure ring that can be worn up or down, whichever is more comfortable for your uses. It is waterproof and rechargeable, with 6 pleasure settings to find the right setting for your and your partner’s desired usage. I love this because it doesn’t get much more versatile than this baby! What a shared experience to help ease into concerns you may have regarding pain with intercourse. It also comes with a full coverage 1 year warranty!! If you’re looking for a small and discrete introduction intimacy aid this is a great starting place that provides a powerful boost to your sexual appreciation in a tiny little package.
$111.20 (use code LAURA15 for 15% off)
3) Lifeguard by PicoBong
The Lifeguard from Lelo’s PicoBong is a pleasure ring similar to the Tor 2 from Lelo, however it is slightly more cost effective option. Made of stretchy silicone, it is also waterproof so you can take this little baby on many adventures, even in the shower, and is definitely safe for use with a water-based lubricant. The 6 vibration modes are all near silent, and it comes with a remote control option through the Remoji app. Like the Tor 2 it is multi-positional, but the shape is slightly different so some partners may find this intimacy aid a more comfortable option than the Tor 2, either physically or for their budget’s bottom line. The PicoBong Lifeguard also has a wonderful bottom line with a 1 year warranty and a whopping 10-year guarantee, you are protected from item defectiveness!
$59.97 (use code LAURA15 for 15% off)

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DISCLOSURE: Hi there! – I truly hope you love any product I recommend, I always try them out personally or with my patients. At times, I use affiliate links. You do not pay more, a small percentage of the sale goes to the person who has influenced your purchase. This helps me to continue offering free content. Let me know your experience! All pricing is up to date at the time of posting.

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