Slide Dr. Laura Meihofer provides evidence-based, integrative pelvic floor therapy for lasting results. As an experienced Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Dr. Laura helps her patients gain optimal health through knowledge and movement.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

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What You Can Expect from Dr. Laura Meihofer


Located in Rochester, Minnesota.
Offering remote and in-person consultations. Schedule Session.

Dr. Laura Meihofer

Pelvic Floor Therapist

Dr. Laura Meihofer is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in the pelvic floor. After earning her degree from the Mayo School of Health Sciences, Dr. Laura worked in pelvic health patient care, research, and education at Mayo Clinic before starting her private practice. Pelvic floor dysfunction can go untreated because it is often still considered a taboo subject. Dr. Laura is passionate about demystifying the pelvic floor and creating a safe space to discuss and learn about these common conditions.

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Schedule a Session

Dr. Laura offers a free 20-minute discovery call to every potential patient to discuss your condition, goals, her services and determine if it’s a good fit. Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call today!

Schedule an In-Person Session

In-Person Physical Therapy

Prioritize your health and wellness with a comprehensive physical therapy assessment and customized treatment plan of care.

Don’t live in Minnesota?

Remote Consultation

Dr. Laura Meihofer offers pelvic floor dysfunction remote consultations to people around the US and internationally to provide access to personalized, expert advice.

Intensive Therapy in Minnesota

Intensive Therapy Program

Dr. Laura Meihofer offers an out-of-town program for US and international residents who will travel to Rochester, Minnesota to receive intensive physical therapy sessions.