Pregnancy Pelvic Exams in Minnesota


As a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Laura sees many patients for a pregnancy pelvic exam in Minnesota during and after their pregnancy, helping them achieve optimal movement and strength through this time so they can provide a healthy body for themselves and baby. The human body undergoes a full transformation during pregnancy. Pelvic floor therapy can help manage and prevent conditions that commonly arise as your body continues to change.  A healthy pelvic floor prepares your body for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Pregnant woman in white dress with hand on her belly linking arms with pregnant woman in dark purple dress with hand on her baby bump

What Dr. Laura Meihofer Treats

Pregnancy Conditions Treated

Dr. Laura Meihofer provides pregnancy pelvic exams in Minnesota to treat discomfort and pain during pregnancy. Don’t live in Minnesota? Not a problem, schedule a remote consultation today. Patients often seek pelvic floor therapy proactively to prepare their body for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Childbirth preparation


Diastasis Recti

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic floor strengthening

Pregnancy back pain

Pubic bone pain

Urinary Incontinence

Not sure she can help or don’t see your issue above? Laura has extensive experience and has treated a wide range of conditions. Schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation to ask how she can support your wellness journey.