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About Dr. Laura Meihofer

Dr. Laura Meihofer is a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specializing in pelvic floor therapy. She tackled the most complex pelvic floor cases during her Doctorate program and years of patient care, research and education at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.


In addition to offering inclusive patient care through her private practice in Rochester, Minnesota, Dr. Laura Meihofer is passionate about creating accessible resources, education and products for individuals suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. With the right tools and motivation, everyone can start their pelvic health journey.


From bladder leakage and constipation to painful sex, erectile dysfunction and low libido, Dr. Laura Meihofer is dedicated to demystifying the pelvic floor. Searching for information or talking to a specialist about pelvic floor conditions should not be embarrassing or shameful. Pelvic floor dysfunction is extremely common! Dr. Laura Meihofer is lifting the lid on formerly taboo topics.


Patients, professionals and students are immediately drawn to Dr. Laura Meihofer’s infectious energy and self-less nature. Her passion to educate and help individuals improve their lives is evident. She goes above and beyond for everyone she comes into contact with.


It’s normal to feel nervous about talking to someone about your pelvic floor symptoms. Dr. Laura Meihofer has an innate ability to make individuals feel at ease and instantly comfortable. Most doctors may use complex, medical jargon which can be intimidating. Dr. Laura Meihofer keeps it professional but also accessible. “Pooping” and “peeing your pants” are phrases you will hear often.


How the body moves, experiences pleasure and the interplay of mind-body connection consumes Dr. Laura Meihofer. She believes health, activity and mobility is possible at every age.

Dr. Laura Meihofer, Pelvic Floor Therapist

Welcome to this online space where Pelvic Floor Therapist, Dr. Laura Meihofer shares her passion and knowledge to empower others to take control of their future. She wants to connect with those who struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction and practitioners who treat, or would like to treat pelvic floor dysfunction. 


Personal wellness and professional growth does not follow a straight line and rarely is there a one-size-fits-all recipe. Dr. Laura Meihofer hopes to challenge the status quo inspiring courage, vulnerability, and connection while motivating you in your daily life. She is here and open, reminding you of your power and worth.


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Pelvic Floor Treatments and more

What Dr. Laura Meihofer Treats

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Dr. Laura Meihofer is a pelvic floor therapist for females, males, transgender and gender non-conforming individuals seeking health through knowledge and movement. Pelvic floor dysfunction can affect anyone and may occur in result of injury, childbirth, aging, menopause or surgery. Muscles in the pelvic area can become weak or tight which can lead to painful, debilitating conditions that decrease everyday quality of life. Dr. Laura helps patients understand their condition and find lasting results.

Bladder Conditions

Bowel Conditions

Bowel Evacuation Disorders

Bowel & Gut Health

Diastasis Recti



Erectile Dysfunction

GRS Recovery


Orthopedic Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Pain

Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Rectal Prolapse


Sexual Dysfunction

Surgery Rehabilitation

Urinary Conditions

Vaginal Prolapse

Not sure a pelvic floor therapist can help you? Dr. Laura Meihofer has extensive experience treating pelvic floor dysfunction.