In-Person Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in Rochester, Minnesota

In-Person Physical Therapy

Prioritize your health and wellness with a comprehensive pelvic floor physical therapy assessment and customized plan of care. No matter your pelvic floor dysfunction condition or physical goals, Dr. Laura Meihofer will work with you to obtain optimal health through knowledge and movement.


In-person and virtual appointments are available to Minnesota residents. Begin by scheduling a consultation today!


Dr. Laura Meihofer is an out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance including Medicaid or Medicare. You are responsible for full payment at the time of services. Documentation for out-of-network insurance benefits will be provided upon request. Learn more about out-of-network providers.


Not a Minnesota resident? Learn more about Remote Consultations and the Intensive Physical Therapy Program.

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  • Pricing

    • Initial evaluation (45 minutes) – $175
    • Follow up visit (45 minutes) – $175

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Custom To Your Condition And Capabilities

Physical Therapy Exercises for Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor therapist will build an exercise prescription custom to your condition and capabilities. Whether the goal is to alleviate pain, strengthen muscles, stretch tight muscles, support surgery recovery or a combination, your personalized exercise prescription is an essential component to achieving pelvic floor health.


Your therapist will walk you through this exercise program during your physical therapy sessions. Continuing this exercise program on a consistent basis at home will be key to your improvement. Difficulty levels will be increased as progress is shown. Physical improvements can take weeks and even months. Dedication and determination are essential to positive results!


Light workout equipment including resistance bands, free weights and kettle bells may be incorporated. There are endless options out there. With her extensive experience, Dr. Laura Meihofer knows which products work and are worth their value. She provides you with a list of affordable, proven products she believes in for your at-home program.

How Does In-Person Physical Therapy Work?

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Pelvic floor physical therapy begins with a comprehensive initial evaluation which includes collecting your medical history and a physical examination. A full physical exam includes evaluation of your spine, pelvis, hips, abdomen and the musculature of your pelvic floor both internally and externally. As a patient, you may consent to any level of examination, however, a full examination is strongly encouraged for the most comprehensive assessment and results.


After completing the initial evaluation, Dr. Laura Meihofer shares her assessment of your pelvic floor dysfunction condition. Together, you discuss your goals and craft a thorough pelvic floor physical therapy plan of care custom to your specific needs, medical conditions and comfort level. The plan of care often includes a combination of neuromuscular reeducation, manual therapy, therapeutic activity, therapeutic exercises, an at-home program and list of resources to help support your journey to pelvic floor health.


Pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms typically improve with weeks and sometimes months of pelvic floor therapy sessions combined with consistent at-home self-care. Your level of devotion to adopting daily life adjustments and self-care programs recommended by your pelvic floor therapist directly affect your progress and long term results.