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How to Stop Frequent Urination at Night

How many times is too many times?

Have you ever wondered how many times is normal to urinate at night? You may be surprised to learn that more than one night time urination trip to the bathroom isn’t normal. If you’re getting up more than once each night, you may have nocturia. Frequent urination at night might be negatively affecting your sleep. And the causes of this night time urination could be affecting your bladder health too!

You can control night time urination

Urinating at night is a frustrating problem that roughly 1 in 3 adults over the age of 30 experience. And this number only increases as we get older. The good news about urinating a lot at night is that it can be VERY easy to treat. You may have heard about ways to prevent these night time trips to the bathroom like to stop drinking water around bedtime. But did you know that the culprit could be something else, like the foods you are eating?!

Check out my amazing YouTube video, Simple Solutions to Stop Urinating At Night , to discover causes for these trips to the bathroom and tips for how you can fix your nocturia.

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The urinary system can be complex. Another common concern around bladder health can be urinary incontinence. Many of the tips discussed in the video above also can help
with identifying the type of bladder incontinence and your primary signs and symptoms .

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