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Your Grab-and-Go Pelvic Stretches Playlist With Modifications

If you have chronic pelvic floor pain, difficulty with sex, back or hip mobility concerns, this could be improved with pelvic floor physical therapy. A great way to ease into physical therapy, supplement your ongoing treatment plan, and/or just have increased range of motion and flexibility is to incorporate mindfulness , yoga , and stretching into your life! Many of the stretches described below can be done individually or in a series as part of your at home treatment.

Utilize this list to find stretch positions and modifications, which will allow you to meet your body on its own level each day. Work through the playlist to identify the best modifications for each stretch that will allow you to work your target areas and create your own daily playlist of stellar stretches! Always remember to practice your diaphragmatic breathing throughout your daily routines, and utilize tools to help you bring these positions to your level. If you need yoga blocks or straps, comfortable clothing, or any other tool to help you reach success, my two FAVORITE stores are listed at the bottom of this catalogue! 👇👇👇


Offering modified positions: Supine Hip Adductor Stretch, Seated Hip Adductor Stretch, & Standing Hip Adductor Stretch.
Offering modified positions: Supine Piriformis Stretch, Piriformis Stretch with Wall, Prone Piriformis (Pigeon Pose), & Seated Piriformis Stretch.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: Get Your Piriformis Stretch On


Offering modified positions: Supine Hamstring Stretch & Seated Hamstring Stretch.

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: We’re Not Lion, the Best Hamstring Stretches


STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE: Hip Flexor Stretches So Simple They Shock

Recommended Products

I LOVE the yoga store listed below for their quality, and variety of options, designed to meet all of your needs. Manduka is a great one-stop-shop for high-quality yoga products. They also sell clothing and other accessories to make those pelvic stretches possible for everyone.




DISCLOSURE: Hi there! – I truly hope you love any product I recommend, I always try them out personally or with my patients. At times, I use affiliate links. You do not pay more, a small percentage of the sale goes to the person who has influenced your purchase. This helps me to continue offering free content. Let me know your experience! All pricing is up to date at the time of posting.

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