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Yoga With Laura: 6 Pelvic Yoga Poses to Try At Home

Why Pelvic Yoga?

Yoga provides a multitude of physical and mental benefits for your body. The American Osteopathic Association provides a perfect explanation of the wonderful advantages of incorporating yoga into your life.
If you have chronic pelvic floor tension, uncomfortable or painful sex, or even hip or lower back pain, this could be improved with pelvic yoga as guided by pelvic floor physical therapy. A great way to ease into physical therapy, supplement your ongoing treatment plan, and/or just have an increased range of motion and flexibility is to incorporate mindfulness, pelvic yoga, and stretching into your life! Many of the yoga poses described below can be done individually or in a series as part of your at-home treatment.
Utilize this playlist to find yoga positions, and modifications, that allow you to meet your body where it is at. Work through the playlist to identify the best poses for your target areas and create your own daily playlist of perfect poses! Always remember to practice diaphragmatic breathing throughout your daily postures, and utilize tools to help you bring these postures to where your body is at.

Pelvic Yoga Exercise 1: Happy Baby Pose

Laura laying on her back feet raised in air arms reach up hold outside of feet pulling towards chest

Offering modified pelvic yoga positions: Supine Happy Baby & Restorative Happy Baby.

Pelvic Yoga Exercise 2: Garland Pose

Laura facing forward resting her tailbone on a yoga block in deep squat pose with her hands together
Offering modified positions: Reclined Deep Squat, Supported Deep Squat, & Seated Deep Squat.

Pelvic Yoga Exercise 3: Child’s Pose

Laura on knees feet under buttocks bent forward face rests on floor arms above head rest on surface

Offering modified positions: Seated Child’s Pose + more

Pelvic Yoga Exercise 4: Bound Angle Pose

Laura on back hands holding both her ankles near pelvis knees bent out in gray yoga pants and top

Offering modified positions: Supine Bound Angle + more

Pelvic Yoga Exercise 5: Cat-Cow Pose

Laura on hands and knees toes together she is looking up forward and sinking her belly toward floor

Offering modified positions: Seated Cat-Cow and other variations.

Pelvic Yoga Exercise 5: Sphinx Pose

Laura laying on her stomach on the floor head and chest are lifted and supported by elbows on floor

Offering modified versions of Sphinx Pose to help you get started on your journey!

Working with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Working with a pelvic floor physical therapist to build a physical therapy plan, such as pelvic yoga poses to try at home, ensures you are getting the correct care for your individual needs for your long-term personal health as well as your quality of life!

Want to consult with Dr. Laura Meihofer and get started on your pelvic floor health journey? Book a consultation HERE.

P.S. If you have any questions about postpartum symptoms, or pelvic floor health in general, head over to Instagram and let’s connect in the DMs!

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