The Clitoris: Increasing Orgasmic Capacity

The Clitoris: 5 Steps to Increase Orgasmic Capacity


Understanding your own anatomy will help you to be the best advocate for your own sexual health and pleasure. The clitoris goes by many names, it has been commonly referred to as the clit, bean, pearl, sweet spot, orchid, or nub. It is a sexual organ, composed of many parts, much more than just what you see externally in fact!

The external component is called the head, or glans, of the clitoris. This is covered by the prepuce, a skin fold commonly referred to as the clitoral hood. The prepuce retracts with arousal to expose the glans. From the glans of the clitoris, it continues upward along the clitoral shaft, actually attaching to and running right by, the pubic bone.

The clitoris then splits in two, and runs along either side of the urethra, and vaginal opening. As it splits, this area is called the corpus cavernosum , which then extends into the crus, or legs, and bulbs of the vestibule. The corpus cavernosum and other parts listed are actually erectile tissue.

With arousal, the clitoris has increased blood flow and becomes engorged. The erectile tissue areas will swell as well, helping with the pleasure response. Increased blood flow and engorged tissue allows for more compression and nerve excitation, increasing sensitivity, and helping you achieve orgasm.


The bulbs of vestibule run right along the vaginal canal, while the legs/crus dive deeply into the muscular tissue and reside within the first and second layers of your pelvic floor muscles . All of this is right there, underneath the vulva! So incredible!! Because, if you know your anatomy, you can help guide your partner and yourself to a better experience and achieve pleasure.


  • The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings.
  • In its entirety, the clitoris is about 7 centimeters long.
  • The glans only makes up 4-7 millimeters of that. (Meaning? Don’t focus on just the part you can see.)
  • The clitoris is an organ, and its only function is pleasure.
  • 2009 was the first scan of the clitoris, where we obtained an accurate representation for the first time.
  • 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.
  • The clitoris never ages or stops growing. (Meaning? A 75 year old clitoris is the same as a 25 year old one, just a tiny bit larger.)


Did you know that women orgasm during sex only 65% of the time while men orgasm 95% of the time. Ladies! We have to deal with a wage gap AND an orgasm gap?!! 🤦🏽

Additionally, there is no research available which captures orgasm issues of the trans and nonbinary population. My personal experience as a therapist with these patients is that they have and report issues, however there is not an exact rate available within the US.


The Big O is such a grand trophy sort of idea. Everyone forgets to just enjoy the ride! Maximize and appreciate the nuances, the ebbs and flows of sensations, and learn you and your partner’s anatomy. You can accomplish this during partner or solo time. Actually, I often suggest beginning outside of the bedroom working to increase your body intelligence first.

Clear your mind, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Now think of a moment when you feel most confident and powerful. What is it? For me, when I am belly laughing, making an absolute goof of myself it makes me feel so full! Spend more time in your moment, that confidence will carry over to your sexy time, exploring and feeling your body.


You don’t have to become a physical therapist to have a general idea of where your parts are. Take a small mirror and have a look. As you view, touch and feel your body, you may begin to notice things, such as one side is more sensitive than the other. This awareness will help you create a pleasure map in your brain. Then you can communicate with partners and yourself when going after that, sometimes elusive, orgasm.


Oftentimes when it comes to intimate time people turn off the lights, or close their eyes. BIG ASK: I want you to do the opposite. I don’t want you to go all fluorescent lights, but work to maximize ALL 5 SENSES. Dim the lights, incorporate some sensual massage, a slick oil that has an amazing scent, and explore.

BEGINNERS: Focus on feeling your hands on your scalp, the suds in your hair, the smell of the shampoo. Really lean into that mindful experience. The longer you can hold onto all five senses, the more you can expand your experience to move you closer to orgasm.


I’ll leave you with a few tips to start your self-pleasure journey. Your clitoral shaft is attached to your pubic bone, remember? A great way to increase stimulation to the clitoris is by putting pressure on your pubic bone, either with fingers, a partner, or a vibrator! Many also find masturbating while lying on their tummy to be EXTREMELY enjoyable.


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