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The 4 Best Pelvic Floor Tension Products for Self-Treatment


Pelvic floor tension is such a taboo topic in itself, and it affects so many people. Which is crazy, right?! As this is such a private area of the body, it is rarely talked about openly. This can make it difficult or nearly impossible to identify your issues, let alone know how to proceed with your treatment. Luckily, pelvic floor tension and subsequent release of muscle tissue is something you can do something about, it CAN improve! Isn’t that great news?!! First step, I strongly recommend that you find a physical therapist that is right for you, and then I recommend that you follow up your treatment plan with pelvic floor self treatment tools you can use at home to keep your therapy going.

Mindful massage of the pelvic muscles and pelvic area is an important part of increased relaxation and the progression of your treatment plan. Many of these products are so great for use after the conclusion of your episode of care, in order to optimize the improvements you’ve made during your journey. Lifelong improvement is the ultimate goal, after all! Depending on what your goals are, one product may work best for you, while someone else’s idea of self care might be better suited to a slightly different product. For that reason, I’ve included as many quality products as I can, and listed information about why I love them and what I personally utilize them for. I hope this helps you to make the best decision for your needs, but if you have questions, please, PLEASE reach out to your physical therapist, health provider, or contact me !


Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • This article is meant for the following people: Someone who is searching for information about treatment options they can try, someone I am currently treating, someone being managed by another healthcare provider.
  • If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or you have skin that easily experiences tearing, do not utilize the massage resources.
  • Never place anything into the rectum that does not have a base or a string attached.
  • Let pain be your guide! Always sink into your tissues by maintaining gentle, firm pressure. If your pain increases, or you feel odd sensations or numbness, release pressure. Begin again with less force. If you have tried more than twice and are still experiencing pain, stop and speak with your healthcare provider for some guidance on how to adjust your strategy.
  • Let pain be your guide! I say this twice for a reason. If you are utilizing a tool that is bringing you relief in one area, but increasing pain somewhere else. Please discontinue use until you can speak with your healthcare provider.



purple winding and narrow wand in a gradual s-shape and wider at one end

Pelvic Wands – Intimate Rose

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The Intimate Rose vibrating and non-vibrating pelvic wands are great products that allow for internal vaginal pelvic floor muscle release. The wands are covered in a soft, almost velvety, medical-grade silicone, with a unique S-shape. The Intimate Rose wands are absolutely excellent ergonomically!This means you can easily move and manipulate the soft tissues with either end, from your most comfortable position. I definitely recommend using this product under the guidance of a pelvic floor trained physical therapist because they can help you identify and find the muscles you need to target with this wand. It’s great for direct pressure to specific muscles for down regulation and relief of pelvic pain. It’s not magic, but this wand might just grant your wishes!

handheld vibrator with a long shaft and wide flat tip in pink, white base contains control buttons
Gigi 2 – LELO

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The Gigi 2 from Lelo is a stellar option for a vibrator! With a wide flat head at the end, it can be used to stimulate both externally or internally. This wide flat end is also a wonderful design for dispersing pressure across trigger points. Pelvic floor muscles are small muscles, and the flat end has great coverage for reaching the entire muscle belly. The Gigi 2 has a curved shape. This feature helps you to access those hard to reach spots. The vibrator features make this a multi-use product, you can utilize it for pelvic floor exercises and then later on, ooh la la, for some spicy time!

handheld vibrator with narrow shaft and wide flat curved head end entirely hot pinkMoka Cerise – Picobong

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Moka from Lelo’s sister brand PicoBong is a great, cost-effective version of the Gigi 2 above. The flat end is perfectly designed for dispersing pressure and accessing every muscle within the pelvic group. Being battery operated makes it more affordable, but you certainly don’t lose any features with this product, in fact it has 12 vibration settings compared to the 8 settings of the Gigi 2 above. Moka was designed specifically for G-spot stimulation, however the design is so versatile! It can also be used comfortably in solo or partner play, or as self help for pelvic pain. Pelvic floor dysfunction is not always benefited by the use of vibration during treatment as it can inhibit muscle relaxing and downtraining, however it can also be used to improve your muscle awareness and to locate and focus on specific painful or tender spots. Relax into the Moka miracle!

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Miracle Balls – Amazon


The Miracle Ball is a wonderful little inflatable massage ball that is designed with your overactive pelvic floor in mind. This is a great way to bring mindful exercise to your hypertonic pelvic floor! The Miracle Ball sits perfectly within your pelvic ring, the pelvic muscles between the tailbone and hip bones, and is designed for steady, slow release of the tissues and tension in this area. The two different size balls can also be used for massaging other areas of the body, and comes with a booklet full of “unexercises”, making it a super versatile product! However, it truly is one of the best products on the market designed to self treat your pelvic floor muscles and tension. Whether you carry this in your gym bag, or take it on your cross country hiking trip, or use this for your daily pelvic stretches at home, this little ball can do it all!

Here’s a great video on how to use this!: MFR Self-Treatment for the Pelvic Floor

Find a chair with a soft seat – Adjust yourself to a comfortable position – Place ball right underneath you (in front of tailbone, but behind pubic area) – Use your diaphragmatic breathing techniques to relax into the release! – It can take 4-6 minutes for the tightness to relax. It’s important to be gentle!


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