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Why Do I Hurt? Workbook


This workbook is a great item to pair with the book Why Do I Hurt? by Adriaan Louw, to allow you to monitor your pain and the steps you’re taking in your health journey. Track and record your pain levels while learning how to lessen them. This workbook is based on the concepts found in Why Do I Hurt? which was created to help individuals understand how pain works in terms of neuroscience; as well as how to better cope with different levels of pain in their lives.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

A Supplement to Why Do I Hurt?


This workbook is to be paired with the original work by Adriaan Louw, in order to provide readers with the best hands-on experience alongside the overall lesson. By working through this workbook and the original book, you can work through a patient-friendly guide of understanding your pain, how your brain interprets it, and what ways to cope with chronic pain. It will explain in easy-to-understand examples and metaphors the different ways that pain occurs. Better understanding pain is a huge step to easing your symptoms and living a pain-free life. After all, it will be hard to fix problems that you don’t fully understand first!


Andriaan Louw is both a physical therapist and clinical neuroscience researcher, working to help patients understand the science of pain through an approachable explanation. Pain can sometimes be confusing, especially if it does not “fit” with a specific ailment or injury. Throughout this workbook and Why Do I Hurt? Adriaan Louw hopes to not only validate the feelings of patients experiencing pain, but also help them feel more educated and empowered to work towards being pain-free.


Better Monitor and Track Your Pain


The best way to understand your pain and how to treat it is to get hands-on! By reading Why Do I Hurt? and using this workbook, you will be better able to understand why pain happens in your body. And, by tracking your pain, you will be better able to understand your own individual pain. Adriaan Louw’s workbook helps patients work through their pain and ways to work towards relief and treatment. Many providers use this workbook as a supplement to their services and have found that their patients greatly appreciate the easy to understand wording! Work through these lessons and take the first steps towards solving your pain-related symptoms.


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