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Large Bulb Enema Douche Kit


This douche set comes with multiple nozzles, sealing rings, a storage container, a screw tool, and a cleaning brush! This set is great for both anal cleansing and douching after vaginoplasty. This set includes a curved nozzle to provide a more accessible reach, and is designed to prevent backflow. The handheld design and soft nozzles allow for the best comfort during use.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Gentle and Safe Douching


This douche kit is designed for safe douching, wherever you desire. Whether you decide to use this handheld douche for anal cleansing or for rinsing after vaginoplasty, it will provide a safe, gentle experience. The handheld design allows you to comfortably use it in the shower or over the toilet, and the soft nozzles are gentle even near delicate skin. Have a better, easier douching experience with this convenient douche kit.


This douche has a no-leak design, and comes with multiple seal rings to help further prevent leakage. The bulb that holds liquid has a large opening for easy filling, and a threaded area that can be tightened. This threaded area contains a tool similar to a small wrench for easy opening and tightening. Lastly, this douche is designed with a single-way valve, preventing liquid from re-entering the bulb. This helps keep the bulb clean and prevents backwash.


Douche Kit With Nozzles


This set comes with many pieces and nozzles, one of which is a convenient curved nozzle. This long curved nozzle helps provide better reach and access to whatever area you need, without straining your body too much. There are two other long nozzles that are soft and flexible, too. Or if you don’t want to use long nozzles, this set includes 4 smooth shorter nozzles. This douche kit also includes a storage container and cleaning brush for easy maintenance and storage. The lengths of each nozzle include:


  • (1 Piece) soft 6.3″ long nozzle
  • (2 Piece) soft flexible 4.7″ nozzles
  • (4 Pieces) short smooth 3.7″ nozzles


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