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Nothers Large Hand Mirror with Handle


This large handheld mirror is the perfect tool to have handy in your bathroom. Whether you use it for wellness checks, hygiene purposes, or just checking your look before you leave the house, this mirror’s wide shape and easy handle make it a great choice. It also features a hole in the bottom of the handle so you can hang it during use or easily store it away.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

An Essential Hygiene Tool


Everyone engages in their own hygiene routines, each of which could benefit from a large handheld mirror! This simple mirror is an essential tool to have in your home, that allows you to get a better look without straining your body. Sometimes you need a better or closer look at different parts of your body that a wall mirror can’t always provide. Using a mirror with a handle lets you see your body from new angles with ease!


Versatile Large Handheld Mirror


Although it may seem obvious what the purpose for a mirror is, you may not have thought of the many versatile uses that you can use a simple handheld mirror for! Having a large, wide mirror with a handle allows you to easily care for your body in many different ways:


  • Use it for wellness checks, such as looking for new or irregular spots, moles, etc. on your body
  • Use it to check the health of hard-to-see bodily areas or to assist in applying necessary products
  • Learn more about your own body and its anatomy through exploration
  • If you are participating in dilation therapy, this mirror can help assist in the process by giving you a better view of the area
  • If you are new to using other insertable products such as tampons or suppositories, this tool can be helpful when learning to insert such products
  • Great for supplementing your hygiene routines, such as skincare
  • It can provide a more close-up view when applying make-up or an alternate view when styling your hair

Whatever you choose to use it for, this large handheld mirror has the perfect size and handle to make it easy to see wherever you need. It also features a useful hole in the handle that allows you to hang it up for hands-free usage or for easy storing. Add this essential tool to your home and enjoy more accessible hygiene and body care!


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