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Intimate Rose Silicone Rectal Dilators

Intimate Rose rectal or anal dilators are the perfect choice for both medical and recreational purposes. They have specially-designed hourglass shapes and flared bases for safe, comfortable, and gentle use. Ease symptoms or increase flexibility with these soft silicone dilators that were carefully designed by a pelvic floor specialist.
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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Why Anal Dilation?


There are multiple reasons why a person may need to use rectal dilators. In medical situations, they can be used to help treat pelvic floor discomfort. For recreational usage, these dilators can help improve pleasure and decrease pain during sex. Anal dilation can be beneficial for any sex or body type. Anal dilation is more common than you realize, and isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Rectums may become inflexible for a variety of reasons, and rectal dilators help safely and effectively treat a wide variety of symptoms.


These soft and smooth silicone dilators from Intimate Rose are great for both beginners and experienced dilator users. They can provide very effective relief to those experiencing:


  • Pelvic pain
  • Painful intercourse
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Constipation
  • Fissures
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Recovery symptoms from surgery or cancer.

For the most successful rectal dilation, be sure to work with a pelvic floor provider to better plan your dilation schedule and better identify the possible causes of your symptoms. Results are not immediate and will take time and proper consistency. Remember to use ample lubricant that is water-based or oil-based to protect the integrity of your silicone dilators. Using anal dilators may create a feeling that you need to empty your bowels; so if possible, try to do so before starting dilation to put your mind at ease.


Hourglass Shape for Rectal Dilators


Designed for the best comfort and use for all genders or sexes, these Intimate Rose rectal dilators are the best choice for anal dilation. Perfect for both medical or pleasurable reasons, these dilators offer a variety of benefits. The hourglass shape of these dilators allow improvement and restoration of the anal opening, as well as provide comfortable training without over-stretching. This shape is important to help gently widen the rectum without damaging muscles in the area, provide better relaxation of the pelvic floor, reduce pelvic pain, and provide effective dilation. The flared base is incredibly important for safe rectal use, and the rounded tips allow for comfortable insertion.


These silicone rectal dilators were designed by a pelvic floor physical therapist to provide safe, comfortable rectal dilation. You can use these dilators twice a day for up to 30 minutes at a time based on your personal experience level, but it is always recommended to chat with a pelvic floor specialist for the best results.