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Stick-On Butterfly Body Liners


These butterfly body liners help assist with accidental bowel leakage throughout the day! They have a reliable adhesive and an absorbent core that helps protect against leaks and odors. The butterfly shape helps align against your body comfortably, and the long wings help allow an easier removal when needed. This pack includes 28 soft disposable patches!

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Discreet, Comfortable Protection


Fecal incontinence can be inconvenient, causing discomfort and interruption during your normal daily routine. Thankfully, there are products made to help assist you with incontinence that are often discreet and comfortable. While these butterfly body liners cannot solve your bowel incontinence completely, they can help provide a temporary fix and give you more confidence and peace of mind; so you can better enjoy your day. While you are working with a provider to understand the possible causes and treatments of your bowel incontinence, wearing body liners such as these can be a great way to lessen the chance of unideal situations in the meantime.


Bowel incontinence is nothing to be ashamed of, and can happen for a variety of reasons. Many different cases can cause bowel leakage, such as childbirth, menopause, hemorrhoids, age, prostate issues, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s Disease, nerve damage, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more. Even some medications can cause leakage as a side effect. Being prepared for leaks beforehand can help you better manage your symptoms before they become an issue. These butterfly body pads help prevent soiled undergarments and give users more confidence to pursue the day.


Soft Butterfly Body Liners


These body liners are soft, comfortable, and contain a reliable adhesive that helps keep the absorbent core against your body for protection. They are disposable and should be always be thrown away into the trash, not the toilet. The long butterfly wings help provide an easier application and removal experience. During application, the longer wings of the butterfly shape should be placed facing upward towards the user’s back. These butterfly body liners stick directly to your body, and help prevent leaks while also keeping out odors. Don’t let minor fecal incontinence interrupt your comfort and daily life; instead, take advantage of this simple and affordable solution.