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New York Toys Collective Full Length Chest Binder


This chest binder tank top is full length, suitable for those who are taller, like more coverage, or who have longer torsos. This chest binder is designed with a low neck, to be suitable for a wider variety of tops; such as v neck. It has a moisture-wicking liner, and is shaped to provide more movement and comfort! They are modeled after a classic undershirt style, and are available in sizes S to XXL.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Full Length Chest Binder Tank Top


This chest binder tank top was specially designed to mimic an undershirt style of clothing, and is full length for better fit and comfort. This full length style is great for those who enjoy more coverage, are taller or have longer torsos. It has a low cut neck to make it easier to wear with a wider range of clothing types! This chest binder is available in sizes S – XXL. The measurements are as follows:


  • S: 34-35″
  • M: 36-37″
  • L: 38-40″
  • XL: 41-43”
  • XXL: 44-46”


How to tell what size you need? It’s simple! Simply measure yourself in two places. Take a measurement by wrapping a measuring tape around your body, aligning it under your armpits and above your breast tissue. The second measurement should be around your body again, where you experience the widest area of breast tissue. Take the average of these two numbers to find the size binder you’ll need. When comparing this measurement to the sizes of the binders, you can round down for a more snug fit or round up for a slightly looser fit.


When utilizing a chest binder, it’s important to find the proper size. Wearing something too tight isn’t good for your body or skin, and can constrict your breathing. Comfort and safety are the most important aspects of wearing a binder effectively. This chest binder tank top was designed to be a comfortable binding option, so take care in choosing an accurate size.


Moisture Wicking + Movement


To provide better dryness and comfort, this chest binder tank top contains a moisture-wicking liner. Its undershirt style shape and neck cut allow for better mobility for both your arms and back. These designs may help increase comfort and breathability, but don’t compromise on compression. This full length design also helps many body types experience better comfort and movement by eliminating the possibility of rolling, which may happen with shorter styles. Remember to give your body breaks, and if you are new to wearing binders; start by only wearing them a few hours at a time to get used to it slowly.