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Patient Perspective: Does Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Really Work


Pelvic floor issues affect people of all gender identities across a broad spectrum of possible conditions and causes. Determining the cause of your pelvic floor dysfunction, however, is sometimes known and other times a mystery. Therefore, how can you know if pelvic floor physical therapy will really work for you then.

If you have a quality provider, it certainly can, and should be successful! A basic understanding of your pelvic floor muscles is a perfect place to start to answer this question. This will allow you to identify your areas of concern and feel more comfortable with the idea of pelvic floor physical therapy.


Getting started on your path to pelvic floor progress can be challenging at the start, it is overwhelming to advocate for yourself and then to choose the right provider as well. 😱


Working with a quality provider, you should have professional experiences from the “getting started” guide and personal experiences like those of the following patient reviews.

These patients have worked with Dr. Laura Meihofer for treatment and have been kind enough to answer a few questions providing insight into their individual pelvic floor physical therapy experiences.


Patient 1

A female patient who sought pelvic floor physical therapy and treatment from Dr. Laura for pain and urinary incontinence following a hysterectomy.

How is your life different now, compared to before you began treatment? 

I am able to control the pain as it arises and have the tools to do so.

How has pelvic floor physical therapy added value to your life? 

It has allowed me to realize that I don’t just have to live with the pain every day and there is relief. I’m more energetic, have less chronic pain, and slowly have strengthened my body.

What are your favorite, and least favorite, parts of treatment?

Least: The awkwardness of internal therapy at first, but understanding the results is productive.

Favorite: The positive support Laura gives at each session, and always encouraging progression both mentally and physically.

A male, retired navy commander, who sought pelvic floor physical therapy for prostate pain and concerns.

How is your life different now, compared to before you began treatment? 

The primary difference is being virtually pain-free. Having dealt with prostate pain for 15 years I can honestly say it is a gamechanger. I can now sit for extended periods and my sleep is not interrupted.

How has pelvic floor physical therapy added value to your life?

I know from my research that a high percentage of men suffer from this type of pain. If I can help them to become pain-free, it’s a win-win. The treatment consists of five pelvic stretching exercises. They take a total of 8 minutes to accomplish. As long as I do them at least 4 days/week I am not bothered by prostate pain. The exercises are not invasive or painful. Consistency is the key.

What would you tell someone who’s considering Laura Meihofer LLC?

Laura’s whole-person approach, and extensive knowledge of the pelvic region, make her an obvious choice for men experiencing this type of chronic pain.

Patient 3

A female transgender patient who sought treatment after her gender reassignment surgery.

 How is your life different now, compared to before you began treatment? 

I went through gender reassignment surgery through a vaginoplasty procedure, thereby giving me a vagina where one had never before existed.

How has pelvic floor physical therapy added value to your life? 

After surgery, Laura gave me so very much:

Voice – she gave me a voice, and then gave me the gift of being heard

Permission – she gave me permission not to be embarrassed or ashamed to ask any question

Power – after giving me voice and permission, she gave me power over my body

Knowledge – she gave me the language to allow me to explain and ask questions

Courage – she gave me the courage to explore without guilt or shame

Capability – she gave me the techniques and exercises to build strength and control

Pleasure – she gave me the ability to enjoy the privilege of my clitoris and vagina

What would you tell someone who’s considering Laura Meihofer LLC? 

Laura is the best of the best! She has done all the hard work of becoming a recognized expert who brings value to every encounter, by making sure that the client is heard, empowered and treated with respect. Without hesitation, I can recommend Laura as the single most talented, knowledgeable, and personable physical therapist you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her candor, combined with a gentle demeanor and vast intellect, makes every encounter incredibly useful as well as enjoyable!


I can always toot my own horn, but I am not here to brag. I am here to make a difference, to empower you to make a difference in your own life. I want to give you the tools to succeed, and that begins with feeling confident. I hope that by providing honest opinions, from a range of my patients, I can give you a clear perspective on what to expect from pelvic floor physical therapy!

If you feel that would benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy or think you are experiencing symptoms that may require diagnosis, you can book a FREE 20-minute consultation HERE.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about all things pelvic floor health, head over to Instagram! You can always reach out in the DM’s if you have any questions!

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