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Detect Symptoms of Pelvic Cancer with a Simple Pelvic Examination

Detecting symptoms of pelvic cancer is extremely important and really easy. The big C is oftentimes a scary word to consider. More often than not, my clients and their providers shy away from the much-needed preventative steps that can stop symptoms of pelvic cancer in their tracks.

Symptoms of Pelvic Cancer

Did you know that there are 9 Cancers That Can Affect Your Pelvic Floor? And while a healthcare provider can ascertain a great deal from your medical history, there are just some things that you have to get eyes on to really determine if anything serious is happening.

In the YouTube video above, I highlight exactly what you should be getting as part of your pelvic exam and how each step is screening for a certain type of cancer. While healthcare professionals mean well, more and more they are being pressed for time and as a result, you are getting shorter and shorter visits. Take the time now to educate yourself on early cancer detection and take the necessary steps to keep yourself healthy.


If you find being evaluated for symptoms of pelvic cancer is scary, painful or something you are unable to tolerate, please know that a pelvic floor physical therapist can help you get through this process. Whether you are local in Minnesota or somewhere else please reach out through my connect page or sign up for a consultation today on my services page.

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