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5 Mindfulness Apps to Improve Your Daily Routine

Mindfulness tools are so important to utilize during pelvic floor physical therapy, but this is also a daily practice that anyone can benefit from incorporating into their life, by using mindfulness apps on their phones! As human beings, we are programmed to be on the lookout for the worst-case scenario at all times, this is our survival response. It is always running in the background.

Why should you consider using mindfulness apps? Well, interestingly enough, while your brain can distinguish the difference between life and death scenarios, your amygdala, the part of the brain that processes your fear response, cannot tell the difference between a perceived versus a real threat. For instance, watching a scary movie, getting a stressful email from your supervisor, or living with chronic or persistent pain will ALL cause your body to mobilize the same way it would if a tiger suddenly entered the room.

This system is always on high alert as your body is constantly scanning, assuming danger is just around the corner. Intentionally working on mindfulness helps bring your mind into, and learn to stay in, the present moment. This practice allows you to move from a flight-or-fight state of mind, into a rest-and-digest approach. When you remain in the present mentally, you can think through your problems more logically, determine what your needs are, and in return, you are better able to choose solutions that will support you in all areas. Why not give yourself some support in achieving that with mindfulness apps? After all, our society brings their phone with them everywhere; might as well use yours to your best advantage!


  • Get better sleep
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Overcome temporary negative feelings
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Help those with depression and anxiety and similar conditions manage those emotions
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Increase body appreciation
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Facilitate recovery
  • Improved patience
As you can see, there are a lot of improvements to your quality of life that some changes your routine can bring you. And, there are a lot of amazing mindfulness apps out there that can help you. I’m confident that anyone could say at least one of the things from the above list is something you could use more of in your life! Many people don’t realize that being in that constant state of fight or flight actually keeps a low level of constant muscular tension throughout your body. This can, and often does, lead to persistent and chronic pain. Finding time in your day to kick on the parasympathetic system, gives you a daily opportunity to decrease that heightened muscular activity. This allows for increased blood flow, removal of toxins, and increased tissue extension and sensibility. Below I gathered for you, a collective of the best-recommended meditation, yoga, and mindfulness apps available through both Apple and Android.


Recommended Mindfulness Apps:

1) Insight Timer 

What I love about it:

The Insight App, designed for mindful meditation is such a user-friendly mindfulness app! It’s a great tool to have at hand to help you add mindfulness into your daily routine. Best of all the Insight App is free and stays free! It provides access to 15,000 guided meditation practice types, searchable by intention or timeframe. The timer allows you to choose your duration, whether you have 2 hours or just 5 minutes, there is a meditation practice available for you! They also provide an app timer with a wide range of sounds to choose from if you prefer to guide your own meditation practices. The app allows you to choose from a variety of tracks and then come back to attention with your desired chime. You really are in the driver’s seat for this app, it gives you so many options. It works well for meditation beginners, as well as daily use. Did I mention that it’s completely free?! This is actually one of the mindfulness apps that I find myself utilizing most often.

Download: Insight Timer (Apple) / Insight Timer (Android)

Cost: FREE! – Premium $60 annually 


2) Interval Timer – HIIT Workouts

What I love about it:

The Interval Timer from HIIT Workouts is great for SO MANY things. HIIT Workouts are available through the app, stretching and mobility work, restorative yoga therapy, bodyweight workouts, and running are just some examples of the uses for the Interval Timer app. This timer is free and EASY. It takes the guesswork out of wondering how long you have been doing something. You can just fully lean into whatever yoga position or meditation practice that you want to do, instead of constantly checking the clock. This app allows you to save various workouts as well. I actually have a stretching routine saved: 45 seconds with a 10-second rest. A sample bodyweight workout timer would be 60 seconds of an exercise and a 30-second rest, and having that repeat with a 2 min break in between! Just one example of how customizable the Interval Timer app is. If you’re looking for the best mindfulness app for interval workouts, pelvic floor relaxation yoga, or anything in between go download this and give it a try!

Download: Interval Timer (Apple) / Interval Timer (Android)

Cost: FREE!! 


3) Headspace 

What I love about it:

Headspace is one of my favorite mindfulness apps to offer to my patients because it really explains the nuts and bolts behind mindfulness. It is seated in research so you can feel confident that they are delivering you high-quality, vetted work. The app starts out free with an awesome 10-day intro on what mindfulness is and how to meditate. Once you sign up for Headspace you gain access to guided imagery, meditation practices for kids, sleep, or career, and more! Headspace is also integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and many other major brands as well. They offer classes, meditation series, and all sorts of goodies to keep you learning. Additionally, this is targeted at all ages so you can do it with kids or even your grandparents! Meditation is accessible for all ages! It can be challenging work but this app makes it fun, accessible, and pleasing to the eyes and ears. Make an investment in yourself and download Headspace!

Download: Headspace (Android) / Headspace (Apple)

Cost: 10-day free intro, then $7.99-12.99 individual plan, $19.95 (up to 6 accounts) family plan 


4) Calm 

What I love about it:

The Calm app is so calming!! I know, silly right? But seriously! From the moment you open the app you are greeted by calming sounds, which you can customize to your preference so you can always be greeted by whatever is the most calming for you! Then you choose between guided meditation, gentle movement, or calming narratives to send yourself nighty-night. The Calm app has an initial 30 day free trial period, and then after that, it has a $59.99 annual plan and additional options following. This generous trial period is great for you to really get a feel for how usable the app and its practices are for you. Explore the pelvic yoga benefits for yourself with the meditation practices offered in this awesome app. If you prefer to do your meditation practice before bed, this is the perfect mindfulness app for you!

Download: Calm (Apple) / Calm (Android)

Cost: 30-day free trial, then $59.99 annual plan and options following


5) Stop, Breathe, Think 

What I love about it:

Stop, Breathe, Think is another great mindfulness app. Many patients like this because it asks you to check in with your emotions to begin with, and then based on the selection you are recommended specific types of meditation and yoga to meet you where you are at that day. This is great for people who want or need to take their time, involving modifications, or meditation beginners. Stop, Breathe, Think is such an intuitive app that takes your whole body and mind into account when suggesting mindfulness exercises for the day. Pelvic exercises and yoga can be difficult to approach with a calm state of mind, building a practice of mindfulness can help you during those difficult poses or stretches and ultimately help you to reach your goals. You’re not alone, all of these resources were designed with you in mind to help you along on your journey. These are your helping hands!

Download: Stop, Breathe, Think (Apple) / Stop, Breathe, Think (Android)

Cost: some free content, then $4.91-5.91 plan upgrade options 


Other helpful resources

If you’d like some helpful videos to use alongside your mindfulness apps, try these out:

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Pelvic Floor Stretches:

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