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Lola Menstrual Cup


For those who need reliable, long-term menstrual cup support, the Lola cup is a great option. Designed to be flexible and comfortable, this cup is able to last for up to 12 hours! The shape allows for easy insertion, mess-free removal, and flexible wear. Out of all of Lola’s period products, the Lola cup is the most sustainable!

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Menstrual Cups Are Easy and Sustainable


Menstrual cups such as the Lola cup are sustainable in many ways! It’s better for your body, the planet, and your wallet! By using a menstrual cup in place of pads or tampons, you’re removing that expensive monthly cost and creating long-term savings instead!


As for the planet, this silicone product is taking the place of disposable products, which are often filled with plastics and harmful toxins or chemicals (and aren’t very biodegradable). By not using disposables and switching to a reusable product such as the Lola cup, you are no longer contributing to long-lasting period product waste; nor are you exposing your body to unsafe ingredients.


As mentioned before, this product is safer for your body. Wear this product safely and comfortably for up to 12 hours thanks to its flexible, medical grade silicone material. That is 4 hours more than you can safely wear a tampon, if your flow will allow that length of time. Even if it needs dumping midway, no biggie! The Lola cup has a ribbed stem at the bottom that allows a better grip for removal. Many people typically dump their cup 2-3 times a day depending on flow.


To remove, simply pinch the bottom of the cup gently while holding the ribbed stem and slowly remove! To re-insert, you’ll need to sit or squat, fold the cup and insert rim-first. Once it is just inside you (menstrual cups do not go as deep as tampons) the stem should be right at the vaginal opening. Release the cup, let it unfold, and then gently twist the cup to create a seal (suction against the walls of your vaginal canal).


The Lola Cup


The Lola cup comes in one size and is suitable for new users, those who haven’t given birth, or who have a light to medium flow. It holds up to 29 ml! For heavier flows or those who have given birth, consider heavier flow menstrual cups.


For cleaning after or in-between use, dump the blood into the toilet, and wash the cup with warm water and a mild, unscented soap. Be sure to wash your hands before and after inserting.


Before use for the first time, you can boil your menstrual cup to sterilize it. Simply place into a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes. Make sure the cup doesn’t touch the sides of a hot pot during the boil, so it doesn’t burn. Other than that, it can withstand boiling temperatures! Just be sure to allow it to cool completely before use.