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Perimenopause: What Do You Need To Know To Conquer This Odd Phase?

Perimenopause symptoms are oftentimes misunderstood and an under-represented time in people’s lives. Roughly 50% of women experience perimenopause, yet there is very little information about symptoms. And the other crux of the matter is there are lots of things that can push you into perimenopause. It’s not always a part of normal aging. There are many reasons perimenopause occurs. It can result from surgery, hormone replacement therapy, and cancer treatment to name a few other reasons.

Perimenopause is something that people should understand BEFORE they enter into it. It is unchartered territory for you and your body. Many people experience hot flashes, vaginal or middle opening dryness, and trouble sleeping. In the video above, I address these symptoms and provide you with extra tips on how to address those problems.

But, for my favorites (aka the readers of this article) let me shed some extra light on the symptoms I discussed above.

Hot Flashes

Are so pesky and can sometimes even be downright embarrassing. But there are a lot of things you can do to cope. Research suggests that mindfulness and meditation can help to reduce and even put an end to hot flashes. The next time you start feeling the vapors, try this simple mindfulness trick. Imagine that you are holding ice cubes in your hands, roll them around, and feel the cold sink into your hands. Bring that cold all the way up to your arms into your neck, head, and chest. Continue the deep breathing as you focus on this cold sensation.

Vaginal or Middle Opening Dryness

Can be an uncomfortable and bothersome thing to experience. Both in your daily life and especially during sexual activities. Check out my favorite articles that cover moisturizers for vaginal or middle opening dryness and lubricants to help improve comfort during sexual activity for some tips on coping.

Urinary Incontinence

Is actually a big problem during perimenopause. In my YouTube video above, I offer a free download on how to beat urge incontinence, so head over there to check it out. People who struggle with stress incontinence can also get tips for coping whey they cough, sneeze, or exercise. Be sure to check out this article, where I discuss strategies to solve stress urinary incontinence .

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