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The 4 Best Products for Ice Application Therapy

Ice application therapy is commonly used for muscle and tissue injuries throughout the body. When used in your vulvar area for short periods of time, ice application therapy can be a powerful pain reliever. Ice application therapy works to numb the surface and tissues and soothe any vaginal itching, burning, pain, irritation, and vaginal inflammation. This can help free your mind of distractions and help you to focus at work, or even help you tolerate sitting, exercise, having sex, or whichever activity you would like to do.

How to do Vaginal Ice Application Therapy:

  1. Apply ice for 15-30 minutes at a time
  2. After ice application, leave ice off for at least 60 minutes
  3. Repeat as needed up to 6-8 times per day

If this is your first time trying ice application therapy, make sure to check your skin after 5 minutes! Your skin should be red, not pale. If your skin is pale, discontinue icing.

Products for Vaginal Ice Application Therapy:

There are a couple ingenious products on the market that can help bring you relief through vaginal ice application therapy. What you prefer is really just based on your needs or preferences. Below, I explain the uses for, and differences between these effective options for vaginal ice application therapy. If you have any questions about the products or want to share your experience, please reach out to me!

External Ice Application Therapy Solutions:

Vagi-Kool Reusable Feminine Cold Pack – from Soul (use code “ 18751 ” for 5% OFF your order)

vagikool for ice application therapy

What I love about it:
Vagikool came out with this nifty little Reusable Feminine Cold Pack that is the size of a panty liner to help with ice application therapy! Vagikool is a gel pouch that’s shaped similarly to a pad and is placed in a reusable sleeve. The sleeves can be rinsed and reused or discarded if they become too dirty for reuse. The cold pack can actually be worn just like a panty liner as well, so you can go about your business and no one is the wiser! Bringing you vaginal itch relief, to be used as part of your physical therapy regimen, or even if it’s just that your vagina feels sore after some extracurricular activities. The pouch sits in your underwear, and easily molds to your body providing a close-to-body connection. Giving you a high level of comfort and mobility while delivering targeted, discrete ice therapy directly to that beautiful vulva. Self-care comes in so many forms, and there are so many individual comfort levels, I love this product because it provides an easy level of comfort, while still being specifically designed with vaginas in mind!

Internal Ice Application Therapy Solutions:

Cool Water Cones

What I love about it:
Cool Water Cones for ice application therapy are shaped similar to a dilator or vibrator. They are very flexible and made of FDA-approved, 100% all-natural ingredients, designed to allow the cones to be self-lubricating. Simply activate the lubrication by running the cone under water before application. They come in a variety of sizes and are a great option to provide ice therapy internally while simultaneously dilating. They can be kept in the fridge to keep them cool, but are not meant to be frozen in order to keep them flexible allowing for a gradual stretch. This flexibility allows for application to even the most sensitive skin. This makes them a perfect option for patients who are undergoing vulvar cancer treatment, have been diagnosed with vulvodynia or vulvar vestibulitis, post vaginal delivery recovery, genital reconstruction surgery recovery, or even as an entry-level dilator to begin your physical therapy journey.

Soul Source Rigid Dilators – from Soul Source (use code “18751” for 5% OFF your order)


What I love about it:
Soul Source has a number of different size rigid plastic dilators available. The smallest diameter dilator at 7/8″ is a great option for vaginal ice application therapy. The Soul Source dilators can be chilled in the fridge or used at room temperature, chilling them in the refrigerator is a preferred option for many of my patients even during dilation work because it is so soothing! A rigid dilator is a perfect option for cooling properties throughout the entire vaginal canal. This is a favorite for those going through hysterectomy recovery or going through dilation physical therapy after transition surgery. Those who are working to maintain or increase depth can find they suffer from soreness after exercises or sexual intimacy, a rigid dilator can be a great option for reaching the sorest depths of your pelvic area. Don’t feel out of your depth, let these rigid dilators guide your way to incredibly icy relief!

She*Pak Cooling Kit – from FemiCorp

Light blue refreezable ice pack with a short insertable portion and a larger shield shape on the end

What I love about it:

The She*Pak Cooling Kit is a specially designed ice pack for internal and external clitoral tissue ice application therapy at the same time. It is meant to be frozen, however, if you find that too intense of a cold it can also be placed in the fridge. The unique design and shape of the ice cooling pack allow for discreet wear, hallelujah! It is a more rigid design so you may find some discomfort in certain positions or while walking, however, it does allow more mobility than the water cones or rigid dilator options. The Cooling Kit includes one She*Pak ice pack, a reusable box to keep it clean in the freezer, three lubrication packets, and an instruction booklet. It is also safe to use either a silicone or water-based lubricant of your choice with the She*Pak. This is great for relief of vaginal dryness and itching, vaginal soreness or pain, genital reconstruction recovery, pain with intercourse after menopause, post vaginal delivery relief, or as a cool down after a hot night!

Whether you use these products to bring you relief after a fun night of romping or to relieve symptoms from bodily changes, the benefits are the same. Bringing you sweet relief that doesn’t interfere with your everyday life!

Working with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to Help with Pelvic Pain

If you continually experience vulvar pain, it may be time to consult with a pelvic floor physical therapist. Dr. Laura Meihofer specializes in all things pelvic floor. She has gained experience with a variety of cases through years of patient care, as well as during her education and research while earning her doctorate at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She offers inclusive patient care, treating all gender identities and conditions relating to the pelvic floor; and works to create a safe space to discuss and learn about common pelvic floor conditions. She ensures a professional but accessible experience for all her patients; challenging the status quo to diminish shame and instead create courage and vulnerability in topics that are typically considered taboo.

Dr. Laura is passionate about creating accessible resources, education, and products for individuals suffering from pelvic floor conditions, in order to help them work towards a better quality of life.

If you feel that would benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy or think you are experiencing symptoms that may require diagnosis, you can book a consultation HERE.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about all things pelvic floor health, head over to Instagram! You can always reach out in the DM’s if you have any questions!

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