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Sick and Tired of 2020 Stress? The Benefits of Yin Yoga Will Blow Your Mind

If you are new to the yoga world, you probably haven’t heard about “yin yoga.” There are many types of yoga, such as Vinyasa and Bikram. Yin yoga is a gentle, slow-flow style of yoga. Yin yoga poses are typically held for between 3-5 minutes. Yin yoga sequences involve only a few poses since each pose is held for so long. The goal is to relax your body and mind. Since yin yoga can calm down the nervous system, it is a great way to relieve tension and tap into your body’s wisdom.


What is yin yoga?

Yin yoga is based upon the Chinese Taoist principles that there are 2 universal forces: Yin and Yang, meaning a balance of opposites. Yin yoga focuses on the deep connective tissue through a slow, cooling practice. The goal is not to “stretch” but to “stress” the connective tissue between the muscles and fascia. Yin yoga is therapeutic for the joints and helps with flexibility and mobility.

You may be wondering, “is yin yoga good for beginners?” The answer is yes! Because of the slow speed and intentionality, yin yoga is easy to follow, and the teacher can spend time helping you correct your poses. If you have chronic injuries or conditions you may wonder “is yin yoga safe?” The answer to this is also yes. Yin yoga is great for yoga beginners and those who may have injuries or long-term health conditions. The slow flow of the practice and the focus on listening to your body makes it a great practice for almost anyone.

How does yin yoga relieve tension?

Yin yoga benefits are many. Yin yoga balances the nervous system as you rest in longer-held postures. It allows a space to quiet the mind and heal. When you stimulate the connective tissue, it can help with flexibility, circulation, and muscle recovery.

How does yin yoga focus on listening to your body?

Yin yoga promotes finding a comfortable posture that feels good for each individual person. A rule of thumb while doing postures is to go up to a 4/10 on the sensation scale, and you want to avoid any pain, numbing, or tingling while you hold your yoga posture. Class participants will look differently in the same yin yoga posture, like Butterfly pose, based on where they find a comfortable stretch. Yin yoga promotes listening to your body to find the “appropriate depth” where you feel a gentle stress on your tissues. As you notice your body’s sensations, you can raise your awareness of how your body is feeling. It is common to be tighter on one side of the body, and a yoga teacher will prompt their students to observe the body’s signals so they don’t push themselves or hurt themselves.

Where can I attend a yoga class?

Yin yoga is becoming more popular, and it is common for yoga studios to offer yin yoga. You can find yin yoga classes both online and in-person. You can also add it to other types of yoga you already practice, like our pelvic yoga playlist .

Yin yoga can be a calming practice, so it can be a good idea to try it in the evening or over the weekend. You don’t need many props to practice yin yoga at home. It might be helpful to have a pillow, blanket, and scarf handy to modify the positions. More advanced yogis may like to have 2 yoga blocks and a strap.

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Written by Caroline Caruso, Founder of Love by Caro

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