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GladRags Night pads


GladRag’s night pad is a great option for those who want to use overnight period pads that are made from body-safe materials and are making an environmental difference! These night pads have extra coverage in the front and the back, with an additional layer of ultra-absorbent terrycloth. Sleep well in this breathable night pad knowing you’ll have the best leak protection!

Prices vary by type (original, plus, organic) and start at $19.49.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Sustainable and Body-Safe Overnight Period Pads


The GladRags night pads are a great, super-absorbent option for those who want extra protection while sleeping, on their heavier flow days, or for those in postpartum recovery. There is extra coverage in both the front and back, so no worries about leakage! The night pads also have a layer of super-absorbent cotton terry cloth.


The overnight period pads have the highest absorbency out of all of GladRag’s cloth pads! The night pad plus has the longest (length) coverage, with a 12-inch insert, for the best protection from leakage. That makes the night pads the best option for those needing extra absorbency or coverage!


Rest assured that GladRags products are 100% cotton, and are completely body safe! No need to worry about plastics or harmful chemicals commonly found in disposable products. GladRags products do not contain any plastics, not even in their packaging, so you can feel confident using this sustainable period option!


By using reusable periods, you can help lessen the waste created every year from disposable menstrual products entering landfills and oceans. Reusing menstrual products also helps protect your wallet from spending on expensive disposables every month!


Maintenance is also hassle-free; simply separate the inserts from the holder, machine wash with a natural detergent (no bleach or fabric softener) and either line-dry or tumble dry. You may hand-wash if you desire, and for any stain worries, simply soak them in cold water beforehand. Super easy!


GladRags Makes Reliable Period Products


GladRags is an independent, woman-owned company with a goal to empower women through body-safe, sustainable products and education. GladRags encourages period positivity and self-care, and hope to reverse the societal shame vulva-owners may have experienced about their periods in the past.


They proudly hand-sew all the reusable cloth pads, and use absolutely no plastics in their materials or packaging. The cloth pads are used just like any other menstrual pad; simply attach to your underwear and wear it until it’s time to change it out! Unlike disposables, however, GladRags don’t “stick” to your underwear, but rather have a snap underneath to hold it in place.


GladRags allow for customization of absorbency, by consisting of two pieces: a holder and an insert. For more absorbency, include more than one insert at a time! Pantyliners contain no inserts, whereas the overnight period pads have the longest and widest inserts of the cloth pads.


Experience leak protection for as low as $19.49! The overnight period pads come in a few different sizes, so prices may vary.