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Herbal Infusion for Grounding and Energy Release with Chelsea Craig

Herbal infusion may be the natural boost you’ve been looking for. If there was ever a time when we all are needing the tools and resources to reclaim our energy, come back to center, and release how that energy is manifesting for us – I think it is safe to say that time is now. With so much changing around us 24/7 these days, it is so challenging to really feel secure, and embodied, to simply get through our day, let alone find growth. 

Utilizing acupuncture, essential oils, massage, and my intuitive abilities, I address a wide variety of women’s health issues. My unique technique is specifically designed to tap into, and raise, your energetic frequency. This allows for full connection, spirit-mind-body, while calling in messages from the universe that support your highest vibrancy.  


Energy, to me, is our physical and spiritual body’s resonance with the frequency of the universe .

All of those parts that make us up are floating around in space at high rates of speed, which manifest themselves in physical form. The energy pulling our bodies toward the Earth, is the same that spins our DNA, the same that rotates the moon, and even the same that created the galaxies! In my space, I see clients so consumed with, or lacking, the appropriate amount of that energy.


The Earth has gifted us with all the medicine necessary to keep our feet on the ground and our minds clear, not to mention our physical and spiritual bodies thriving. And all it takes is some water and probably what you already have in your cupboards.

It is simple to make an herbal infusion right from your own spice rack, with a little know-how of each herb, and your goals in mind.


Herbs steeped in liquid, which allows the nutrients and flavor of the herbs to infuse the water.


This allows for the medicinal properties and flavor to steep into the water, or liquid, but always that caffeine as well. Both options are equally medicinal, however depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine, I often recommend an herbal infusion over some teas.


Let’s talk about on hand herbs which support you by easing tension and supporting your physical and emotional health.


BASIL, OREGANO, THYME: All three herbs are incredibly nutrient dense full of essential vitamins and minerals as well as deeply grounding herbs.

BLACK PEPPER: You think to pepper your food, but putting black pepper in your tea supports the absorption of nutrients into the cells as well as releasing stuck or stagnant energy or emotions in the body.

ROSEMARY: Another herb loaded with nutrients and incredibly soothing for the physical body.

CINNAMON, GINGER: Both are very warming herbs, wonderful for digestion, soothing for the nerves and pain, with chemical constituents supportive of warding off bacteria and viruses.

Combined together, these herbs make for a delightfully grounding, and deeply soothing, infusion.


Unless you have allergies to a certain herb, there aren’t really any reasons to avoid any of the basic herbs you have on hand, or that you would find at your local grocery. If you want to get deeper into the herbal world, using less common herbs that most people are not familiar with, I recommend seeking out support from someone familiar with herbal medicine.

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