Intensive Out-Of-Town Program

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Intensive Out-Of-Town Experience

Dr. Laura Meihofer offers an out-of-town program for US and international residents who will travel to Rochester, Minnesota to receive intensive physical therapy sessions. This program focuses on relieving your immediate symptoms and crafting a sustainable self-care program so you can build on your gains when you return home.


The length and content of your program is personalized to your condition and wellness goals. You will receive hands-on treatment during daily sessions to treat immediate symptoms. Your program may also include self-care techniques, stretching & exercise programs and a plan to work with your local practitioners at home for continued progress. In addition to physical therapy, Laura will help you better understand your condition and provide tools for long lasting results.


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Program cost will be customized to your needs and length of your stay. Approximate costs for common program lengths are below. All pricing includes an initial remote consultation, daily physical therapy treatment, self-care tools, a home action plan and two follow-up calls. Please note travel, lodging, local transportation and additional expenses are not included.


-1 Week- $2,175

-2 Weeks- $3,675

-4 Weeks- $6,675


Southern Minnesota Travel Information

The Rochester International Airport (RST) is a quick 15 minute drive away from Laura’s office. The Minneapolis, Minnesota area is about 90 minutes away. Shuttles to and from Rochester are easily accessible. Laura is happy to provide local lodging and activity information for you and/or your family during your stay.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Intensive Out-Of-Town Experience

How It Works



Remote Consultation

This personalized program begins with a 1-hour remote consultation to discuss your medical history, pelvic dysfunction diagnosis, symptoms and pelvic health goals. Laura will provide an assessment and action plan following this call to maximize the time you spend with her in person.


In-Person Treatment 

You will see Laura two times per day for 1-hour sessions while you are in town. Sessions will include hands-on treatment and teaching you (and your significant other, if applicable) the techniques of self-care that you will use at home to continue your progress.


At the end of the program, you will have:

-Comprehensive knowledge about the underlying ‘why’ of your condition

-A daily action plan to build on the gains from your program

-A detailed report you can share with other practitioners when you return home



Questions always come up when you return home. 45-minute follow up calls will be scheduled for 2 weeks and 6 weeks after you return home. Laura is always available by email to answer your questions before, in between and after those calls. Her online resources are also available for additional support.