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Viewear Period Comfort Underwear


This period underwear was designed for absolute comfort, to allow you to go about your normal activities without hassle! They offer a seamless, stretchy, hip-hugging design that provides back-up leak protection to your usual preferred period products (pads, tampons, cups). They also discreetly but securely hold a heat/ice pack for the best cramp pain relief while you’re on-the-go! Purchase one for $39, or a pack of three for $99.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Soft, Seamless Period Underwear


As we all know, periods are not fun. While dealing with bleeding and symptoms like cramping, back pain, mood swings, cravings, and overall discomfort… remember the one thing you do have control over is your underwear! Don’t let uncomfortable underwear make your monthly experience even worse; instead, try the super soft, stretchy, and seamless period underwear from Nyssa. They are smooth, sleek, and hip-hugging for the best wear, no matter what you choose to do on your period. Rest, work, or play while feeling your best!


Back-Up Leak Protection


In addition to your usual period cups, pads or tampons, this underwear provides back-up leak protection. This underwear is designed to better fit your body; featuring a wider gusset and a full coverage lining to absorb overflow leakage and keep pads in place! This lining is made up of 100% organic cotton, to provide leak absorbency and body-safe fabric near your vulva. As for the rest of the underwear, this soft and stretchy material is made up of 78% nylon and 22% spandex.


This seamless period underwear can hold an ice or heat pack in a specially-designed pocket, allowing you to position it in front of your abdomen or lower back! Enjoy having discreet, hands-free cramp relief and comfort simultaneously thanks to this special underwear design. Sizing of this seamless period underwear is available for both teens and adults. In teen sizes there are two: S and L. For adults, sizes from S to 2X are available.


Purchase one for $39, or stock up by buying a three-pack for $99!