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SHW Standing Desk


The SHW standing desk converter is a great way to practice a healthy posture and maintain a balance between sitting and standing during your work day. Sitting all day long can cause you to hunch over for hours, but having a desk that allows you to stand occasionally can help reduce back pain and even help you maintain energy levels! This lift sits atop your normal work desk, and rises with you when it’s time to stand.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Better Posture and Energy


Sitting at a desk all day long can cause your body to slowly hunch over for hours; resulting in soreness and fatigue. Having the SHW standing desk can help with this issue! It is important to balance your long hours of sitting with some standing and stretching throughout the day. Most people may not want to completely replace their entire home office desk or will be unable to make changes to the desk provided to them at work. This accessory makes things simple! You’ll add it atop of your normal work station, and allow it to act as a lift for your laptop or monitor.


There are many benefits to standing occasionally when working long hours at a desk. Standing occasionally allows you to stretch your body, and fix your posture. Keeping the body loose and in proper posture can help prevent body aches and pains, such as to your lower back. Standing every now and then also takes pressure off your spine, neck, and shoulders. Standing while working can also feel more comfortable on your wrists. When sitting, your wrists may end up resting on your keyboard and laptop; whereas when standing, they are at a more ergonomic angle that can prevent wrist pain.


Using an accessory such as the SHW standing desk converter can make the stand-to-sit process so easy; and make desk work less taxing on your body. In addition to preventing body aches, standing throughout the day can help increase blood circulation and even boost your energy levels. Standing every now and then during work will help you feel better, have more energy, and no longer feel body aches; resulting in a better mood overall!


Ergonomic SHW Standing Desk


This 32 inch wide SHW standing desk topper is perfect for at-home offices and other work settings. Anywhere where you already have a stationary desk, this accessory will help convert your current workstation to a standing desk! The height of this desk riser ranges from 4 inches tall to 16 inches tall when risen. This riser is sturdy and solid, and can support your laptop or monitors easily. It also smoothly adjusts between height settings, making the transition from sit to stand very easy. As an additional perk, it conveniently features a sliding drawer underneath with customizable dividers!