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Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow


If you’re someone who gets hot easily at night, this is the pillow for you! Sleeping during your pregnancy can pose difficulties when your body needs better support and a different sleeping position than what you’re used to. With the Queen Rose U-shaped cooling pregnancy pillow, you’ll have the proper support for your tummy and a relaxing, cooling effect to help you sleep!

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Stay Supported With a U-shaped Maternity Pillow


A U-shaped cooling pregnancy pillow allows you to have the proper support everywhere you need it during your pregnancy. It allows you to stay propped on your side (as recommended for pregnancies) and have better support for your head, belly, back and legs. With the proper support, you can prevent soreness or sleepless nights. The ergonomic design conforms to and hugs your body for a better, more comfortable sleep.


Even before or after your pregnancy, this maternity pillow can provide a nice support while you lounge, read, or do other comfy indoor activities. Your family members will even want it for themselves! For better sleep, this cooling pregnancy pillow prevents pain or soreness from occurring thanks to its U-shape. With more weight forming at the front of your body, you’ll want to make sure you have ample support under your tummy and behind your back while you sleep sideways! With this, you’ll have the support needed for your whole body!


Sleep Better With a Cooling Pregnancy Pillow


This U-shaped pregnancy pillow comes with a fantastic cooling effect, thanks to the breathable microfiber mixed within. This means it is great for use during the summer and even better for people who get hot easily. Not to mention, during pregnancy, it is normal for people to feel waves of heat or hot flashes due to the physical, metabolic and hormonal changes your body experiences. Thanks to the design of the Queen Rose cooling pregnancy pillow, you will have one less thing to worry about during your pregnancy journey!


To add to this, the cover is made from a super soft organic cotton that is skin-friendly and very comfortable; even great for sensitive skins. This cooling pregnancy pillow was made to be soft, comfortable, supportive, and great at providing a better sleep experience. Even better, that super-soft cover is machine washable, to take more hassle off your shoulders.


Once yours arrives in the mail, allow it to re-fluff for 48 to 72 hours to regain its proper shape after its vacuum-sealed journey to your home. Once its fluffed, it’ll be ready to go!


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