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Radical Intimacy


Radical Intimacy, written by sex therapist Zoë Kors, explores methods for nurturing all types of relationships; as well as how to better understand human sexuality. Sustaining healthy relationships is an essential factor to truly enjoying life, and this beautiful read helps guide readers through the ways they can deepen intimacy with themselves, others, and the entire world.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Navigating Relationships


Navigating the complexities of relationships throughout your life can be difficult; whether it be intimate relationships, friendships, or even the relationship you have with yourself. In Radical Intimacy, the author offers a practical methodology for sustaining relationships and nurturing them in the best way possible. Kors suggests nine different opportunities for deepening a relationship, and encourages readers to accept both the emotional and physical aspects of relating to others. While the advice in this book can definitely assist with deepening relationships in the bedroom, it is also just as important to nurture relationships outside of it as well.


The author describes many instances and life experiences as a possibility for connection with others; and encourages readers to strive towards developing “intimacy” with the entire world. She reworks the meaning of “intimacy” to not only refer to sex, but also emotional and energetic connections with others. As demonstrated by the title of this book, the guidance and advice present in this book suggests making bigger changes to the way people think about and act in relationships. While making small steps towards a goal can still help; it can be necessary to prepare oneself for radical changes to yield better results in a relationship.


Radical Intimacy by Zoë Kors


By writing Radical Intimacy, Zoë Kors hopes to provide guidance for readers to learn acceptance, self-appreciation, and confidence. She hopes to help readers move towards having better intimate relationships; and of course, better sex. The concepts in this book hopes to diminish the shame some may feel about their emotions or bodies; and normalize the need for intimacy. This book contains not only practical guidance but also guest accounts and personal accounts from Kors; from her experience as a sex coach and therapist. The advice offered in this book aims to provide readers with the knowledge and ability to have the healthiest, most intimate relationships for an enjoyable life!


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