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Belly Bandit C-Section Scar Defense


These hydrating sheets are great for multiple uses! Hydrate your cesarean scar and prevent swelling or itching after delivery. Prevent a raised keloid c section scar, or help maintain a scar removal surgery. These reusable sheets hydrate and protect the skin at the site of the incision.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Scar Protection and Hydration


After a cesarean delivery, care for the incision site is essential. While some may choose to try to improve the appearance of their scar or prevent the formation of a keloid c section scar, others may choose to simply prevent itchiness, dryness or irritation. Regardless, these silicone sheets provide the moisture barrier necessary to do both!


If you’re looking for a small, hydrating barrier for your incision site after a cesarean delivery (that’s invisible under clothing), the C Section Scar Defense sheets will work great! These silicone sheets lock in moisture and nutrients to help prevent dryness or swelling of your scar. The silicone sheets are reusable and will help prevent hardening, itchiness, or stiffness.


These latex-free sheets can be reused up to ten times and are thin and flexible! They are easy to remove and don’t leave a sticky residue. You can easily adhere them yourself! These sheets also help reduce or improve the appearance of a cesarean scar.


Prevent a Keloid C Section Scar


Scars can pose a few problems; such as pain, lessened mobility of the area, as well as a possible dip in confidence around others. While there is absolutely no shame in cesarean delivery or the scars themselves, some may choose to lessen the appearance of such or prevent the formation of a keloid c section scar (larger, more raised scar from overgrowth). As for the other issues, it’s best to try and prevent pain or discomfort from the area so you can feel comfortable doing regular activities again!


After your surgery, wearing these scar defense sheets can help prevent a raised or keloid c section scar. If you received a scar removal surgery, these are great for helping prevent redevelopment of the raised scar.


For wear, gently wash and dry the area of application. Simply remove the backing of the adhesive and apply to the skin. For best results, wear overnight or up to 12 hours at a time. Gently wash the sheet after use to maintain the adhesive. If necessary, you can trim the sheet before removing the backing of the adhesive, for a more suitable length.


To hand wash these reusable sheets, use warm water and a mild soap. Lay flat to dry. If the stickiness appears lost, wash the sheet with cool water and mild soap. A reusable clear plastic will be provided for storage of the sticky sheets. This product is available in a 4-pack.


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