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Belly Bandit C-Section Recovery Undies


These C-section recovery undies allow for targeted compression to provide comfort and support after your delivery. It is made from a breathable, no-roll fabric that also helps minimize bacteria and odors. Reduce swelling and discomfort, and promote better mobility by using postpartum compression underwear!

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Why Use Postpartum Compression Underwear?


After a Cesarean delivery, many people experience swelling, pain or itching at the site of incision as the soft tissue heals. Wearing specially-designed postpartum compression underwear can help assist healing by providing support and comfort. This support and comfort can provide you with the confidence and stability needed to get back into your normal activities at your own pace.


During pregnancy, your body experiences many changes. After delivery, it will be healing and slowly returning to its usual state, so having added support and compression can help during this process. The uterus will be returning to its before-baby size, and the incision itself will be healing.


Recovery undies allow for better posture, which is important for the Cesarean healing process. They also will help with the swelling, odors and any discomfort you may experience after delivery. Lastly, compression recovery undies may assist in the smoothing or flattening of a cesarean scar.


About Belly Bandit C-Section Recovery Undies


These C-section recovery undies were designed with comfort and support in mind. Compression is located both on the upper and lower half of the underwear, although you can rest assured the compression is a bit lighter at the lower area to gently protect the incision site. The firmer compression located a bit higher will help ease swelling, promote mobility and support your core muscles for better stability.


This postpartum compression underwear was created with an easy pull-up design, and has silver-infused yarns at the front to help minimize odors and bacteria. Don’t let the hooks intimidate you, you can easily pull these on or off without unhooking! These undies also were created with a stay-put technology, so no worries about rolling while wearing.


This product is eligible for insurance coverage, including FSA/HSA reimbursement. As for maintenance on the product, simply machine wash cold separate from your other clothes, then lay flat to dry. Don’t dry clean or iron this product. The postpartum compression underwear comes in two neutral colors to choose from: almond or black.


Before purchase, remember to measure your body and compare to the the sizing chart from Belly Bandit so you will buy the proper size. Your body’s size may be different while it is still healing, so you will want to ensure you don’t purchase a size that is too tight.


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