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Non-applicator Tampons


These 100% organic cotton non applicator tampons are a great period solution for both your body and the planet! Simply remove the small, recyclable size label and insert with clean hands. They are small, hypoallergenic and gynecologist approved! Create your own curated assortment of tampons with multiple absorbencies to best suit your personal needs.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Better For Your Body + The Planet


If you’ve decided to make the switch to better, high-quality products that won’t hurt our planet, congratulations! That is a great step towards lessening the immense period product waste that is put into landfills and oceans each and every year.


If you are someone who can’t stand pads, or perhaps period underwear just doesn’t sound appealing to you, no worries! These non applicator tampons are a great choice when switching to more sustainable period products.


You can sleep soundly, knowing the period products you put into your body do not contain chemicals, dyes, synthetic fibers, bleaching chemicals, or fragrances! With the absence of a plastic or cardboard applicator, that’s less disposable waste overall. Thanks to the 100% organic cotton, these tampons will decompose much quicker after use than disposables filled with plastics and other harmful chemicals. And, the farmers who grew the cotton wouldn’t have had to deal with pesticides and other fumes.


Lola’s non applicator tampons come in 3 absorbencies:


  • regular
  • super
  • super plus


Here’s a great thing about ordering from Lola…When you order a box, you can pick your assortment of absorbencies to better suit your personal period cycle!


How To Use Non Applicator Tampons


If you’ve never used this type of tampon before, you may be thinking…how do I use a non applicator tampon? Don’t worry, its easy!


Simply clean your hands, and remove the small, recyclable size label. Next, pull down the strings from the bottom of the applicator so they are no longer bunched up. Then, place your forefinger (pointer finger) at the base of the tampon, holding the side facing towards you with your thumb.


While squatting, sitting on a toilet or standing with one leg slightly propped up, gently insert the tampon, aiming towards your back. Push it up about as far as the length of your finger. You should not feel the tampon no matter what position you are in, or experience any leaking. Once inserted properly, wash your hands and you’re all done!