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Belly Bandit Belly Shield


The Belly Shield is a great protective barrier to help keep your postpartum belly creams or lotions where you apply them. It provides protection under a postpartum corset wrap, and helps relieve dry, itchy skin. For C-section healing, it prevents uncomfortable chafing and rubbing. Maximize postpartum comfort with this waist band wrap!

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Benefits of a Protective Waist Band Wrap


Wearing waist band wrapping can help provide relief in many ways during and after pregnancy. This shield acts as a barrier for a healing postpartum belly. For those who had a Cesarean delivery, a wrap can provide relief from chafing or irritation. Any postpartum lotions or creams you use on your belly will be protected and maintained thanks to the shielding fabric! Prevent dry, itchy skin by staying hydrated with a protective barrier.


During and after pregnancy, many people experience dry skin on the belly from stretching. With a protective band, you can cover your bump safely and comfortably during pregnancy or protect your healing belly after delivery. And, Cesarean scar bandages can be held in place safely with this gentle fabric.


The Belly Shield provides very light support, without compression, making it suitable for wear all day both during and after pregnancy. Underneath other wraps or belly bands, this added barrier allows for better comfort.


The Belly Shield From Belly Bandit


The Belly Shield is made from a stretchable, lightweight material that is comfortable and soft. It is a sleeve of fabric that can be easily and comfortably worn under a belly band or other clothing, during and after pregnancy. It is breathable and suitable even for sensitive skin types, and helps prevent your clothing or supportive waist wraps from being ruined by scar creams or thick hydrating lotions.


For care, this waist band wrap is machine washable on cold with a mild detergent, without bleach. Afterwards, lay flat to dry (do not iron or dry clean). Thanks to its ability to be machine washed, you can wash this one more often and protect your belly bands or other waist wraps from constant hand washing after applying lotions.


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