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Auvon Tens Unit Pads


These reusable replacement electrode pads are compatible with most tens units and are a great high-quality, affordable option! Each pad is soft and flexible, but still very sturdy with pin-style electrodes. They are also non-irritating and latex-free for a comfortable wear! Each 2-inch square pad provides about 45 uses.

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Recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer

This product is recommended by Dr. Laura Meihofer, a licensed Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and yoga instructor specalizing in pelvic floor therapy.

Replacement Electrode Pads


These Auvon replacement pads are compatible with most TENS unit or EMS machines. They are medical grade reusable pads with high-quality self-adhesive. These premium replacement pads are suitable for many different areas of the body, and have long-lasting stickiness that last for around 45 uses. The self-adhesive is durable during wear, and easy to clean up after use. These pads are CE and ROHS approved, providing optimal safety during pain relief usage. They also come in resealable packaging to help maintain the lifespan and quality of each pad!


These TENS unit pads are a fantastic, quality replacement option. It’s important to invest in pads that are good quality so you can safely enjoy many uses out of them. These premium quality pads come in a 20-piece set for a very affordable price, and are even reusable. They also come in a few different colors.


Quality and Comfort


Auvon TENS unit electrode pad replacements are made to be reliable and comfortable; consisting of 4 different layers:


  • Strong, non-woven cloth layer
  • Conductive wire-end layer
  • Conductive carbon film
  • TENS premium gel layer

These layers help ensure safe and effective use. The gel layer helps with an easier release from the skin after treatment, while providing excellent self-adhesive abilities. Each square pad measures about 2 inches and uses a standard 2mm connector. This standard connector is very common and makes these electrode pads suitable for most TENS machines. These replacement electrode pads are non-irritating to the skin, flexible, and soft to the touch; making them ideal for any skin type. Enjoy these premium pad replacements for a comfortable wear and durable use, wherever you stick them!