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No Nut November: This is What Happens to Your Pelvic Floor When You Edge

Orgasm Control Trends

Sexual edging, Orgasm Control, NoFap, and No Nut November are sexual health terms that are getting us to the same place of denying our bodies the orgasmic joy of climaxing. You might be wondering, “But what the heck are these things? And what is sexual edging?” The answer to that is that “sexual edging” is a form of orgasm control (often male orgasm control). And, with the way 2020 is going, would this be something that someone wants to engage in? And, the question remains: Is edging bad for your pelvic floor ?

Overcome Porn Addiction

No Nut November was actually started by a dude in 2011 on Urban Dictionary in which men were supposed to give up masturbation for 1 month. Over the years the rules have morphed to include no sexual intercourse as well. Some variations even include a 3 strike forgiveness policy. Now why this is geared towards men is beyond me as anyone can engage if they choose.

Around this same time, a subreddit group also started the NoFap movement which focused on individuals who were looking to permanently avoid porn and masturbation. This movement has now spread to a full online community geared towards all genders who are seeking to overcome porn addiction, overuse and compulsive sexual behavior .

Learn More About Edging

To understand more fully how you can start your edging practice AND if it is safe for your pelvic floor check out my video above where I cover just that. Edging may be safe for you to take part in, and you may just find it adds some spice to your sex life. However, if you experience any sort of pelvic floor dysfunction , talk to your health provider/physical therapist before engaging in any sexual practices that could aggravate your pelvic floor conditions.

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