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Hiitcast Pelvic Floor Podcast Feature

In November, I sat down with exercise scientists, Dr. Trevor Bennion, host of HIITCAST , and Dr. Eli Lankston, to discuss some important health issues that many of us face. It was so great to chat with Trevor about the ways that pelvic floor dysfunction can affect your body and other health issues.

You can listen to the HIITCAST Podcast through their site, and it is chalk full of great information! The three of us discuss the wide-ranging functions of your pelvic floor, the types of symptoms you might be experiencing, and how this can affect your overall health. We debunk some classic “one-thing-will-fix-it-all” medical miracle hoaxes, and discuss actual tips for giving your pelvic floor some preventative love RIGHT NOW. Everyone has a right to, and can work towards pelvic floor health, you just need the right tips and tools.
  • Who is Laura?
  • What is your pelvic floor, and its major functions ?
  • What comprises “ pelvic floor dysfunction ”?
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction does affect men AND women, people of all genders.
  • Chronic low back pain can be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction?!!
  • Many doctors don’t ask about your pelvis because it is a private area.
  • Can exercise related injuries cause pelvic floor dysfunction?
  • Traumatic exercise injuries, incorrect breathing during exercising can cause spasms and dysfunction in all genders, but definitely in men and athletes this can be a concern.
  • It is unfortunately common for doctors to avoid private areas or bring their own biases into their jobs and not recommend the best course of treatment for their patients.
  • How did Laura get into pelvic floor speciality? HEAR THE REAL STORY HERE!
  • Homework: GO HOME AND HAVE AN ORGASM! And a pelvic floor physical therapist was born!
  • As a physical therapist, if you feel comfortable, you can bring comfort to others.
  • How do you keep this conversation from being weird? How do you keep your patients comfortable?
  • “How are you really doing?”
  • Working with the transgender population has been a focus of mine recently, and it has been a very broad learning experience that I am loving being a part of!
  • BRO SCIENCE BULLSHIT! What are some common misconceptions?
  • Kegels as a miracle cure……oy vey!
  • Suspended lifting with a yoni egg sends the wrong message. Your pelvic floor needs muscle range and flexibility, pelvic floor strength is not just about how tight you can be.
  • Crossfit: Do You Pee During Your Workout video. So many of the women had urinary incontinence issues! THAT IS NOT OKAY!
  • This can lead to sacroiliac issues, hernias, permanent incontinence, hip or back pain, or even prolapse later in life.
  • The types of problems that can be caused by these types of exercises include: incontinence, prolapse, sexual appreciation
  • 2 Types of Incontinence:
    • (1) Stress – caused by coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping, lifting
    • (2) Urge – feeling like you don’t have to go, and all of a sudden you must go right away
  • Often times I actually work on pelvic floor muscle coordination with my patients
  • For Example: Shrug your shoulder up to your arm, now can you move your arm all the way around? Of course not! Well that is what’s happening with your pelvic floor muscles.
  • PREVENTION TIPS: Focus on breathing mechanics and proper posture throughout your activities. If you are breathing well, your pelvic floor really mimics what’s happening at your diaphragm.
  • PREVENTION TIPS: Don’t Breath Hold! If you have to, then that move is too advanced, or too much weight for you.
  • PREVENTION TIPS: Stretching and increased hip opening in general throughout the day, your hips mimic your pelvic floor, so if your hips are tight, your pelvic floor is probably tight.
  • WEBSITE & YOUTUBE: provides quality tools and examples of modifications for a wide range of yoga postures to help open and stretch your hips and pelvic floor
  • UPCOMING: Video series of how to use various useful tools such as foam roller, myofascial balls, etc.
  • UPCOMING: Workout Wednesdays! A weekly post highlighting exercises, transitional exercises, and modifications you can do for different pelvic floor concerns.
  • How an overly tight pelvic floor caused a repeat ACL injury!
  • KEY INDICATORS: you can’t defer the urge, sensitive to coughing, sneezing, laughing, anyone who has had a baby, unresolved back, hip, or knee pain.
  • If a change in your body remains for more than 6 month, go seek preventative care from a functional expert.
  • I hope I can leave a legacy of confident movement achievable to all!
  • MOST IMPORTANT TIP! Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • MOST IMPORTANT TIP! Take a hot minute in the restroom, relax and don’t force it.
  • Gender reassignment in general has poorly understood information about what is happening post-surgery for these patients
  • I primarily see transgender patients pre- and post- operation, the research shows many patients who reported 100% satisfaction with their operation but also issues with incontinence, prolapse, or pain with intercourse at the same time.
  • WE CAN DO BETTER! I’m working on getting standardized outcome measures for patients who go through this surgery, and what the continuance of treatment will look like in the future.
  • How do you know if someone is a specialist? How to Find the Right Physical Therapist For You
  • If you’re someone who does not have pelvic floor dysfunction, the likelihood that you know someone with it is pretty high.
  • Can nerve tingling or impingement be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction? Definitely!
  • Connect with your own pelvic floors Dr. Trevor Bennion & Dr. Eli Lankston and we’ll follow up!
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Check out these websites for more information on finding a local PT:
Explore a full range of yoga poses and stretches, with a multitude of modifications! Use these resources to design your individualized, daily plan toward healthy movement in your life!

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