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Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation by Dr. Laura Ricci

Are y’all feeling all the heavy energy around us lately, or is it just me? When things feel heavy, it is always my reminder to get quiet and come back to the present moment. I do this through mindfulness, meditation, and using my beloved essential oils for support.


Hi 👋 I’m Dr. Laura Ricci (PT, DPT, WHNC, NBC-HWC), a doctor of physical therapy, who turned essential oil educator and women’s health coach. My own personal journey through cancer and major orthopedic surgery led me to a passion for empowering people to reclaim their health and energy, shine bright, and truly live. Dr. Jessica Drummond, one of my personal mentors, shared this powerful quote in a training, and it has always stuck with me:

“Practice mindfulness. If not, you are practicing distraction.”

It can take a bit of practice to develop the mindfulness skill, but it is so worth it. I do mini check-ins throughout the day to reconnect and observe how I am feeling. Give yourself gentle reminders to notice what is, rather than getting lost in thoughts about the future or the past.
ASK YOURSELF: What thoughts are coming up for you right now? How does your body feel?


Meditation actually provides support for your body in many different areas! Dr. Sarah Ballantine wrote an amazing book, Go To Bed , about the amazing benefits of meditation:  

“Meditation can help you be more resilient to stressors & improve sleep quality. Studies show benefits with only 10 minutes.”  

I love it! It reminds me that small, little changes really can have a profound effect on how you think, feel, and live.


Remember, start small and slowly grow from there. Try a mindfulness app as your own personal guide. Maybe, you may want to start simple, just set a one-minute timer and focus on your diaphragmatic breathing. After a few days, start to increase your time. Listen to your body. Let it be your guide.


Essential oil blends and recipes assist with relaxation and create an ambient space that helps you to focus more easily. I recommend diffusing or applying essential oils 5-10 minutes before your session.

I apply them on my wrist, pulse points, behind the neck, bottoms of the feet, and hands. When applying oils to your hands, rub them together and take a few deep inhales. If you do this as a ritual before you start your practice, it will allow your mind a moment to focus, take in the oils, and mentally prepare.


I use Frankincense essential oil during meditation, as it is the oil of truth. I diffuse it during my meditation, and also apply a drop over my third eye, onto my wrists, and the bottoms of my feet before I begin. It helps me to focus and ground quickly. I also place a drop under my tongue to help with concentration, cellular health, and to support my body with a healthy inflammatory response.


ONLY IF THEY ARE PURE! Unfortunately, most of the oils on the market today (think Amazon, the mall, health food store) are adulterated. There is no governing agency regulating the quality and purity of essential oils, which means companies write whatever they like on the label and no one is confirming the validity. “100% pure”, “highest quality”, “ USDA Organic ”, or “100% essential oil” are all just buzzwords that tell you nothing about the sourcing, purity, and potency of that oil.


If you find something that you recognize as food (peppermint, lemon, lavender), read further. If you read things like “for aromatherapy only”, “for external use only”, “may irritate skin”, “not for internal use”, put it back on the shelf, and step away!! THAT, my friends, is a fake oil. Actually, let’s not even call it an oil, let’s call it what it is: a synthetic fragrance.


5 SECOND CHALLENGE: Take a second to research how synthetic fragrances impact our endocrine system. You probably should not be inhaling that.


Essential oils work to improve and manage your mood. They can help stabilize emotions, calm anxious feelings, encourage motivation or relaxation, and more. FACT! Your sense of smell is a direct link into your central nervous system, and so helps to calm our emotions when needed. Try applying or diffusing an essential oil or essential oil combination before your yoga, meditation, or mindfulness practice, and you will notice a big difference.


When you inhale an essential oil the olfactory nerve stimulates the limbic system of your brain. The limbic system controls your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, as well as other emotions.

Check out all the details for yourself in the book Essential Emotions !


I love adding essential oils into my support system. They are great for focus, grounding, and uplifting. I love these two essential oil combinations for meditation and mindfulness as well. Try them out and find your favorite blend.

Questions about essential oils? Would you like to learn how to order oils to have in your home? I would be happy to help and serve! Email Dr. Laura Ricci anytime. You can also learn more about essential oils for focus, mindfulness, and motivation from my workshop!

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