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Detoxing With Dani Pelvic Floor Podcast Feature

In August, I sat down with Danielle Ferguson, host of Detoxing with Dani , to discuss some important health issues that many of us face. It was so great to chat with Dani about the ways that pelvic floor dysfunction can affect your body and other health issues.
You can find the episode via Dani’s site , and it is full of great information! We cover the wide-ranging functions of your pelvic floor, the types of symptoms you might be experiencing, and how this can affect your overall health. We combat the idea that these issues are taboo, or occur simply because “you’re aging” or “this is a normal part of having kids” or “you can expect pelvic pain that may not go away after vaginoplasty”. Everyone has a right to and can work towards pelvic floor health, you just need the right tools!
There are plenty of exercises, stretches, and modifications available. If you think this could be your issue, or you are looking for things you can do at home, take a look at my YouTube videos or find a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist in your area. There are more links listed at the bottom of this article for recommended videos and products to help you reach your goals!


Here are a few things that we discuss in the episode:

– What comprises “pelvic floor dysfunction”?

– Who is Laura?!


– What is the pelvic floor, and who has one?

– What functions do your pelvic floor perform?

– Where do I begin?

– What kinds of symptoms are associated with pelvic issues?

– What about Kegels?

– Will this be painful?

– Yoga positions that can help with hip health!

– How can pelvic floor health affect my overall health?

– Dr. Laura in session for Dani!

– Is frequent urgency related?

– How can yoga help improve your pelvic floor?

– Isn’t this just normal aging, or just because I’ve had kids like everyone else?

– Where can you be contacted?

– What if I want to see you in person?

– What beach can we go to that will never have hurricanes? 😛

Video References

What is the Pelvic Floor?

New to the Pelvic Floor – Start Here

How to Find the Best Physical Therapist for You

Check out these websites for more information on finding a local PT:

Section on Women’s Health

Herman & Wallace

Pelvic Guru

Move Forward PT

Your First Appointment: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Yoga For Your Pelvic Floor (Modifications Included)

Stretches For Your Pelvic Floor (Modifications Included)

Interval Timer App that I Use (Apple Store)

Relaxed Diaphragmatic Breathing for Your Pelvic Floor


Recommended Products

I LOVE the yoga store listed below for their quality, and variety of options, designed to meet all of your needs. Manduka is a great one-stop-shop for high-quality yoga products. They also sell clothing and other accessories to make those pelvic stretches possible for everyone. 



DISCLOSURE: Hi there! – I truly hope you love any product I recommend, I always try them out personally or with my patients. At times, I use affiliate links. You do not pay more, a small percentage of the sale goes to the person who has influenced your purchase. This helps me to continue offering free content. Let me know your experience! All pricing is up to date at the time of posting.

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